Bridget Regan replaced by Abigail Spencer in Grey’s Anatomy’-Read what Bridget Regan had to say and details about her career!

Bridget Regan would not feature in season 14 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The season 14 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ will debut on September 28, 2017, with a two-hour premiere. In this season, Megan Hunt who plays Owen’s sister on the ABC Shondaland drama will return. Megan Hunt was assumed to have died when her helicopter went missing and was not recovered. However, at the end of season 13 and during its finale, it was mentioned that Megan Hunt is, in fact, alive and not dead.

Source: Screener (Bridget Regan in 'Grey's Anatomy')
Source: Screener (Bridget Regan in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’)

This is happy news! But the sad part is that Bridget Regan who had played the character of Megan Hunt in the previous seasons would not be able to make it for this season of the drama. It is learned that Bridget Regan is busy filming for her other TNT’s ‘The Last Ship’. There is the problem of dates and the schedules for both these shows are overriding. It is impossible for Bridget Regan to be present at both the places at the same time and hence she has let go of her role in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

Abigail Spencer replaces Bridget Regan in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The actress who replaces Bridget Regan on the show ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is none other than the talented actress Abigail Spencer. Abigail would portray the character of Megan Hunt in place of Bridget Regan. Bridget Regan took to Twitter to thank her fans and also to express how incredible Abigail Spencer is in her acting. Bridget Regan had tweeted on August 6, 2017:

“Thanks for all the love guys!”

She added:

 “@abigailspencer is an incredible actor, tip top lady and will be a BRILLIANT Megan on #GreysAnatomy” 

Season 4 of ‘The Last Ship’ premieres on August 20. In this series, Bridget portrays the character of Sasha who is a former Navy Intelligence Officer who takes on the work of operating under the diplomatic cover of China for the newly formed US Government.

Source: E! Online (Bridget Regan and Abigail Spencer)
Source: E! Online (Bridget Regan and Abigail Spencer)

After completion her shooting for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 14, Abigail Spencer would then proceed for the filming of her next project namely the season 2 of NBC’s ‘Timeless’.

Bridget Regan’s career

Bridget Regan is a versatile actress. Born on February 3, 1982, Bridget Regan took to acting in 2006 when she appeared in various TV shows and films. In 2008, she starred in ‘Legend of the Seeker’. She played the role of Kahlan Amnell which gave her a loyal fan following. In 2009, she stepped into the world of production. In 2012, she was the lead on ‘The Frontier’. In 2013, she was featured in USA Network’s crime drama called as ‘White Collar’., In this she was seen as Rebecca Lowe/Rachel Turner who dates Neal Caffrey briefly. In 2013, she also started acting in ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Source: Pinterest (Bridget Regan in Jane the Virgin)
Source: Pinterest (Bridget Regan in Jane the Virgin)

In this, she was in the character of Alex who is the ex-fiancee of Vincent Keller. Since she was part of a love triangle in this series, her character of Alex was the most hated and people started sending Regan hate messages.

In 2014, Bridget Regan was cast as Rose in ‘Jane the Virgin’. This character was involved in a same-sex love affair. Bridget Regan also was popular with the comic book community and was said to be the right choice to portray the role of ‘The Wonder Woman’.

Bridget Regan’s hands are full with work and we wish this beautiful and talented actress the best for her life and future!