Britain’s hospitality industry set to challenge lockdown restrictions in court!

People have had enough of it. Yes, they are all fed up of the lockdown imposed by governments to ward off coronavirus infection. But it cannot remain the primary mode to control the infection. The worst-affected industry in this is the aviation and hospitality industry. But the governments seem to be not in a mood to bow down. Hence Britain’s hospitality industry has taken the lead to challenge lockdown in court!

Britain’s hospitality industry and the legal challenge

Worldwide, people are fed up and fatigued with the lockdown. They want an alternative solution, but their governments have none. All businesses and lives have suffered due to the lockdown. But the industry to be affected the most is the aviation and tourism industry. It has been hit hard. The industry wants the government to relax the rules and restrictions. But the latter is unwilling to relent.

NTIA [Source: Radio and Music]
Hence, Britain’s hospitality industry has decided to take the lead. It is going to challenge the government in court on lockdown! Due to rising cases, the government is contemplating a re-shutdown. And the hospitality industry has come together to prevent it from closing pubs again. The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) is a UK trade body. It told REUTERS that it is now going to take the opposition to re-lockdown to the court.

What is the argument of the hospitality industry?

The hospitality industry wants to bring forth an important point that the hospitality venues has in no way contributed to this rise in coronavirus cases. NTIA CEO Michael Kill said:

“The industry has been left with no other option but to legally challenge the so-called ‘common sense’ approach narrative from government, on the implementation of further restrictions across the North of England,”

“These new measures will have a catastrophic impact on late-night businesses, and are exacerbated further by an insufficient financial support package,”

A pub in England [Source: Wales Online]
And one of the saying outside a pub in England reads:

“COVID is like that bad ex that won’t go away.”

The UK government and its restrictions

On Monday 12 October 2020, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is going to declare new rules to counteract the growing coronavirus cases in the country. This month students returned to their schools and universities. And Northern England saw a surge in cases. Hence local lockdown restrictions were again implemented at many places.

The UK PM would hold a meeting on Monday and later address the parliament on it. The government would seek a vote from lawmakers on the measures suggested and accordingly, they will make the next set of rules.

A pub in the UK [Source: Business Matters magazine]
The UK has reported 604k cases until now. And there have been 42825 deaths to date. England has 279k coronavirus cases. By the end of September 2020, coronavirus cases showed a decline. But on 4 October 2020, the country reported 22961 cases. This made the government panic and they were debating on closing down bars and pubs again.

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