In broad daylight, three armed robbers target and wipe out the Manhattan jewelry store popular with celebrity rappers!

This jewelry store situated in Manhattan was popular with high-profile people especially celebrity rappers. But now the news is that it has been robbed in broad daylight by three armed criminals. The thieves escaped with a lot of expensive items from the store.

Robbery in Manhattan jewelry store in broad daylight

It was broad daylight and around noon that day when three robbers disguising as customers entered the jewelry store Avianne & Co Jewelers located on West 47th Street, Manhattan, New York. They entered as customers and appeared like one. But they soon pulled out guns and pointed it at the four employees in the store. The trio then tied up the frightened employees and duct-taped them.

Source: New York Post [Manhattan store robbery]
They then loaded the costly jewelry in the store into duffel bags and escaped.

The thieves also forced the boss of the store to open the safe. It is believed that there were no more clients in the store at that hour. It is reported that the police officers spend most of the Sunday looking for fingerprints and dusting them.

What does a witness say?

The reporters were unable to talk to the employees at the store. But they could speak to a man named Eli Arieh who was having his food at a nearby restaurant where one of the store employees came. According to the man in the store, the employee was completely shaken and dazed. He revealed that his boss had to empty the safe for them. The man in the store Eli narrated what the victim told him.

Source: XXL magazine [The thieves]
Eli said:

“He said they stole like (US)$4 million worth of retail. He sat down to eat. But he ate like really quick… You could tell like something bad really happened,” 

“He told us, ‘Yeah, we got robbed. It was crazy’. He said thank God nobody was injured. He said he was happy to be alive.”

NYPD and their statement

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The local police have confirmed that there was a daylight robbery at the Manhattan jewelry store. But they did not specify how much worth of jewelry has been stolen. Nevertheless, there are reports that $ 4 million worth of jewelry was taken away. This store was frequented by celebrity rappers such as Kodak Black and Lil Pump. The store used to design and create jewelry for these rappers.

Source: YouTube [Waka Flocka at the store]
It is not known whether the CCTV footages from the store helped in identification of the culprits. But surveillance photos for a nearby business revealed three men with duffel bags. They are probably the same robbers since their description matches what the officers from the police station gave the reporters.

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In these photos, one man is in a bandana which is red-colored. And the other man has worn a cowboy hat. While the third person had on a Kangol hat. Furthermore, the trio also stole backpacks from the store which has the store Avianne logo on it.

Source: Time magazine [The thieves]
Source; 9 News Au