Bryan Callen, actor faces sexual allegation charges!

Bryan Callen, actor faces sexual allegation charges!

#MeToo movement has gained momentum in the world. And now actor Bryan Callen is the next actor to face this. He has been accused of sexual misconduct and rape. But he vehemently denies the allegations. Four women have accused him of sexual misconduct and rape.

Bryan Callen and the sexual allegations

Four ladies have now come forward and accused actor Bryan Callen of harassing them sexually. The incidents are from the period 1999-2017. After these allegations surfaced, Bryan released a statement. He also told Page Six:

“Let me be very clear: I’ve by no means raped, compelled myself upon any girl nor provided to commerce stage time for intercourse. EVER. … I do know the reality.  And I can solely maintain my head up excessive, stay true to myself, my household, my viewers and know that I cannot permit the cancel tradition to subvert what I do know and as importantly, what these ladies know, is the reality.”

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Who are the women who have raised these allegations against Bryan?

The sexual allegations-the details

Katherine Fiore Tigerman is a longterm friend of Bryan. She stated that Bryan had 1999 raped her in his house. This was after they had dinner together at his dwelling. Why did she not leave at that time?

Katherine said that she felt powerless at that time. She added that she did not suppose that she could escape from underneath a load of his body. The lady said that she stopped him.

But Bryan replied to these allegations thus:

“We acquired intimate and commenced to have intercourse at which level she checked out me and stated ‘wait, I don’t wish to simply be a one evening stand.’ I instantly stopped and we spoke about her expectations and our 5 12 months friendship. A number of days later Katherine referred to as me and we recapped our night and hung up as buddies.”

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The other sexual assault victims and their narration

In 2009, he is also accused of sexually assaulting an American Attire worker in Pittsburgh. She said that he pushed her against the wall and began to kiss her neck. She pushed him back and ran out to inform the other workers.

The third victim is Tiffany King and she claims that she needed some money for her bitter divorce from her ex-husband and in 2017 approached Bryan for it. But Bryan asked her for fellatio in exchange for the money.

This happened in Pennsylvania after a meal with him and his friend, Stevie Blue Eyes (aka Steve Pearson), she said. But she alleges that she was in tears and refused him to drive back to her house.

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The fourth woman was Claire Ganshert who said that she was a budding actress when she started a 4-year affair with Bryan. She said that he belittled her throughout their relationship period.

Bryan is a long-term friend of Chris D’elia who has been accused of sexual misconduct and rape with minors.

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