Buckingham Palace summons the Entire Royal Household to an Emergency Meeting, Sparking Various Speculations, But What is the Truth?

Buckingham Palace summons the Entire Royal Household to an Emergency Meeting, Sparking Various Speculations, But What is the Truth?

Buckingham Palace had called an emergency meeting of the entire royal household this morning. This caused the origin of various speculations among the English public and the international media alike.

But what was the motive and truth behind it? We’ll be going through this topic in this current session.

Source: Daily Mail (Prince Philip waving)

The Meeting Announcement

This morning, the Queen’s most senior aides called upon the entire royal household to an emergency meeting. Social media immediately went into overdrive, speculating about the death of a senior royal or an abdication.

The Queen, and Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, were both in good health on Wednesday. The Queen, who turned 91 last month, met with Theresa May at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday to mark the dissolution of Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Duke of Edinburgh opened a new £25 million stand at Lord’s cricket ground, where the 95-year-old joked:

“You’re about to see the world’s most experienced plaque-unveil-er”.

Source: The Telegraph (Philip on a visit to the Lord’s Cricket ground)

There were concerns over their health over Christmas after both developed heavy colds, with the Queen breaking protocol for the first time in her almost 64-year reign by not attending her traditional Christmas and New Year’s church services.

Both of them have started to cut back on the number of engagements they carry out each year as they gradually pass it to the younger generation of the royal family.

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The outcome of the Meeting

The Duke of Edinburgh, Philip, who turns 96 next month, will no longer carry out public engagements from the autumn of this year, Buckingham Palace announced after the meeting, in a statement.

In a statement, the Palace said that the Duke’s decision was taken with support from the Queen. The Queen “will continue to carry out a full program of official engagements“, the palace said.

He is a patron, president, or a member of more than 780 organizations and will continue to be associated with them, but “will no longer play an active role by attending engagements“, Buckingham Palace said. In the statement, the spokesman said that the Duke “may still choose to attend certain public events from time to time“.

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said the Duke “clearly feels he now wishes to curtail” his “familiar role” in support of the Queen.

Few Facts on Prince Philip

The Duke and the Queen celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary in November, while his birthday is on 10 June.

Source: CBC (Young Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth)

According to Court Circular listings, the Duke is the fifth busiest member of the royal family, carrying out 110 days of engagements in 2016.

The Duke of Edinburgh is famous for its legendary gaffes.

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Short Bio of Prince Philip

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is best known as the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, the father of Prince Charles, and the grandfather of Prince Harry and Prince William. More Bio…