Did Caitlyn Jenner Possibly Reveal Daughter Kylie’s Pregnancy? Says She Will Have 20 Grandchildren By December

Did Caitlyn Jenner Possibly Reveal Daughter Kylie’s Pregnancy? Says She Will Have 20 Grandchildren By December

Caitlyn Jenner joined ‘I’m a Celeb…Get Me Out of Right here!’ from three weeks. Kris Jenner is cautious about her ex revealing their personal stuff in a show. Kris is more worried after Caitlyn spoke about her grandchildren.

Did Caitlyn Jenner reveal Kylie’s pregnancy?

Caitlyn is currently on the show ‘I’m a Celeb…Get Met Out Right Here!’. On the episode of November 21, Caitlyn revealed that she may have 20 grandchildren in December.

After her statement, many people are speculating younger Jenner’s pregnancy. After her statement, Kris Jenner is worried about her revealing the family matters on the show. According to the Hollywood Life:

Caitlyn Jenner on I am a celeb (Source: The Sun)

“Kris has gotten to a greater place with Caitlyn, however that doesn’t imply she’s not nonetheless nervous and afraid Caitlyn will say one thing that won’t be in one of the best curiosity of the household,”

Furthermore, the source added:

“Kris is aware of Caitlyn would by no means do or say something deliberately at this level, however typically Caitlyn says issues that aren’t in one of the best curiosity of the household. She hates to see everybody questioning if Kylie is pregnant once more after Caitlyn’s feedback on ‘I’m A Celeb.’ She actually needs one of the best for Caitlyn all the time, however she all the time will get nervous with Caitlyn, that she’ll by chance say one thing she doesn’t need her sharing.”

Kylie Jenner’s Reaction after Caitlyn’s statement

Caitlyn Jenner and Kylie Jenner (Source: Cosmopolitan)

However, no one from the family has confirmed the news. Kylie Jenner’s followers have their own opinion about the news as she has expressed curiosity about having more kids before.

While responding to one of her fans Kylie mentioned that she would love to increase the family but she is not mentally prepared at this time.

After the rumors from Caitlyn’s statement, Kylie posted:

 “I can’t wait to have extra infants however not prepared simply but,”

Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner (Source: Showbiz)

Also, she split-up with the father of her one-year-old, Travis Scott.

Moreover, fans are indicating her pregnancy because of her previous low-key pregnancy journey. Kylie remained quiet during her first pregnancy until she gave birth to her daughter. This also led her fans to conspire that maybe it’s happening again!

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Caitlyn Jenner is the former Olympic gold medal-winning decathlon champion. He was formerly called as Bruce Jenner (male) and had come out as a transgender woman since April 2015. See more bio…

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Kris Jenner is an American TV personality. She gained popularity starring in reality television series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” along with her family. She is also a Producer and Manager. See more bio…

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