Do you know ‘BIP’ star Carly Waddell and Lady Gaga were classmates?

Do you know ‘BIP’ star Carly Waddell and Lady Gaga were classmates?
Source: The Mirror
  • Carly Waddell used to be a classmate of Lady Gaga.
  • She attended New York University, the same institution where Lady Gaga was enrolled, although she dropped out sooner.

Carly Waddell revealed she was Lady Gaga’s classmate

Carly Waddell recently made an appearance at Jason Tartick‘s “Trading Secrets” podcast where she reminisced about her early college days.

She attended New York University where she majored in musical theater. Lady Gaga, a 13-time Grammy winner, also enrolled at the same University and she was her classmate.

While Waddell did not believe Gaga, now 37, was significantly more brilliant than the other students in their prestigious art program, which took approximately 60 kids per year.

Carly Waddell used to be a classmate of Lady Gaga
Carly Waddell used to be a classmate of Lady Gaga (Source: TMZ)

Nonetheless, she acknowledged that the singer did stand out in the fashion sense even back then. Waddell remembered,

“She would wear these really tight leotards, and her boobs were just like coming out. She’s so ridiculous.”

The reality TV star revealed that Gaga performed her own songs rather than using the musical theater training from the Collaborative Arts Project 21 (CAP21) curriculum.

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“When she played at the NYU talent show, she was singing her own stuff and I was like, ‘You can’t argue, that girl is really good,’ She was good at everything, but she was better at her own stuff. She was down at the piano, wailing her own tunes.”

Gaga eventually Ultimately, Gaga dropped out of Tischo to pursue her own musical career. She shared,

Carly Waddell revealed she wasn't fan of Lady Gaga in early days of college
Carly Waddell revealed she wasn’t a fan of Lady Gaga in her early days of college (Source: US Weekly)

“I don’t know what she did, but she’s a genius, I wasn’t a fan of her at that moment, but I was not my best at that moment either. We both dropped out of the program because we didn’t love the program, and I’m sure she was just as unhappy in it as I was or she would have stayed.”

How was Carly Waddell’s friendship with Lady Gaga?

Bachelor Nation alum, 38, admits she was “not a fan” of Gaga back then revealing she annoyed students with her music while they were eating. She recalled,

“Stefani used to, during lunch, play on the piano, You would eat lunch in a dance studio and there was a piano, and she would sit at the piano every single day and just play and sing Wicked at the top of her lungs every day, And we were all just trying to eat lunch. It was break time, and we were all forced to listen to her.”

Despite her admiration for the singer’s talent, Waddell didn’t feel interested to hear her sing during lunchtime. She said,

“And yes, was she good? Of course! She was great, but I just wanted to eat my sandwich. And so, I used to just eat in the hallway because she was driving me crazy.”

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