Casandra Vuong, lesbian YouTuber proposes to her girlfriend, Chary Keijzer through a VR game!

Casandra Vuong, lesbian YouTuber proposes to her girlfriend, Chary Keijzer through a VR game!

New innovative ways of popping the question are coming in! Digital technology and pop culture have introduced couples to some great novel methods of engagement! YouTuber Casandra Vuong proposed to her girlfriend of 6 years, Chary Keijzer through VR game!

The novel engagement-via VR game

The generation Z couples are innovating some novel ways of proposing to their partners by means of digital technology. Gamer Gavin Carter proposed to his girlfriend via Overwatch loot box that he custom-made. And now, lesbian YouTuber Casandra Vuong used the VR game to pop the question to her girlfriend, Chary Keijzer.

Casandra and Chary [Source: Game Rant]
Chary entered the game made by Casandra on the VR thinking that it would be a random creation. But eventually, she realized that it was tailor-made for the occasion. Casandra took several courses in making Oculus Quest games. She later handcrafted several assets based on her and Chary’s memories. This included a Valentine’s Day trip to Rome and another holiday to Taipei.

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Chary had the headset on and was observing the game while Casandra went around arranging the things.

More on the engagement proposal of Casandra Vuong

Chary could not see anything happening in the room because the headset had obscured her vision. And she could also not hear anything in the room because she had the headphones on. As Chary continued to watch the VR game, Casandra arranged the place. She dimmed the lights, placed balloons and roses around the area and went into the knee-down position.

After watching the game, Chary removed the headset and saw Casandra kneeling down with the engagement ring in hand. She popped the question and Chary said yes. Last week, the couple made the announcement of their engagement on their social media. But the details of how the whole thing went about was put up only now.

It was a unique way of the proposal and with the growth of online platforms and restricted travel due to COVID-19, proposals of this kind seem to be rising.

The couple’s relationship

Casandra Vuong and Chary have been dating now for the past 6 years. Their relationship has been a smooth one with not much friction or problems. They started their YouTube channel in the year 2016 together. It is called Cas and Chary VR. Thus, the couple is in the same profession. Their channel is famous and the two uploads VR-related content on it. This includes game reviews and also details and information on hardware.

Casandra and Chary [Source: The Gamer]
Fans also adore and like the couple. They watch their YouTube channels and were wondering when one of them would propose to the other and take their relationship to the next level. Fans are now happy for them and delighted too.

Besides VR, fans and Reddit users have also suggested that one can propose using the PS5. There is a success there to get an answer as well as upvotes on the platform. The VR headset usage is also likely to grow and would be around 45 million by the year 2025.