Catherine Herridge; Donating the liver to save her son; happily married and journalist of Fox news!!!

The Chief Intelligence correspondent for the Fox News Channel, Catherine Herridge is a married woman and is a great person with a great personality. She is best known for the lead correspondent for the network’s coverage of the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack who was the first one to report.

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Source: FoxNews (Catherine)

Catherine’s married life

Catherine is the happily married woman. Her husband, Jeff Miller, is an air force pilot. They tied their knot and vowed to be each other’s on 13th March 2004 and are together since then. They have been going strong with their marriage as there is no sign of affairs and rumors and they don’t seem to be getting divorced soon as well.

With their happy marriage, they are blessed with two sons: Jamie and Peter. Her second born son, Peter Herridge was sick with the very rare disease and this made the headlines in 2005.

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Savior of the son’s Life

Her younger son Peter was born with biliary atresia with liver damage and was admitted in Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. In this condition, there is a blockage and obliteration of the bile duct. Poor Peter was urgently in need of a liver transplant which is very rare to find.

But could not find a doner even after waiting for a month. Later, Catherine found out that she could donate her organ for her son. Being one incredible and caring mother donated 20% of her liver to save her son’s life which was proved worthwhile as he was saved.

The surgery was 10 hours of operation. Now, her son is fine and living a cancer-free life. Ever since she has been a huge supporter of organ donations.

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Source: longhairpicture (Catherine with family)

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Catherine’s career

She covers intelligence, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Besides, she has also reported from so many different and news-filled spots all over the world such as Qatar, Israel, Guantanamo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Furthermore, she has covered stories including what happened in the former Yugoslavia and their ethnic conflicts, the Northern Ireland peace agreement, the death of Princess Diana and its investigations and of course the events on 9/11 in the United States, New York.

Herridge, alongside with her network’s team traveled all the way from the United States to Yemen in order to complete an investigation that took them a period of about eighteen months. The resulting documentary from their investigation was rather impressive, it was even described by “the Washington Post” as “an explosive hour”.

In addition to that, Herridge covered the 2000 campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Furthermore, her work on “Fox Files” was outstanding that it even lead her to win the Bronze World Medal in order to honor her and show absolute recognition of her efforts. Her remarkable investigations were related to Child prostitution, prescription drug, and Medicare Fraud. In the field of communications media, she can be considered a symbol of excellence.

In photo: Catherine Herridge with her children

Her Past Relationships

There has been no past relationship as we know of since her husband. She has never cheated or had an affair since there is no news of it. Catherine and her husband Jeff are together and very happy.

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Short bio on Catherine Herridge

Catherine Herridge is an award-winning Chief Intelligence correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC) based in Washington, D.C. She covers intelligence, the Justice Department and the Department of Homeland Security. Herridge joined FNC in 1996 as a London-based correspondent. She had hosted the Saturday edition of Weekend Live. More bio…