Catherine, Princess of Wales is Voted Top Female Role Model of 2022 in the UK!

Catherine, Princess of Wales is Voted Top Female Role Model of 2022 in the UK!
Princess Catherine is UK's most influential woman of 2022. source: Hello
  • Princess Catherine of Wales is the UK’s this year’s top female role model in a national poll.
  • The Royal has been one of the most influential women in Great Britain ever since she married Prince William.
  • She also topped the list as the most inspirational woman of the year.

Catherine, Princess of Wales is the most inspirational woman to look up to in the UK

All hail Catherine, Princess of Wales who topped the poll of the UK’s Top Female Role Model list of the year 2022.

The Princess who has been winning hearts ever since she married into the world’s most famous family recently has been named the most inspiring woman in the UK. She left behind Queen Consort Camilla and Prince Harry‘s wife Meghan Markle in a national poll for the Girls Out Loud Campaign.

The Future Queen also topped the list with an impressive 35% of the votes leaving the former TV actress behind.

Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss, Rochelle Humes, and Emma Watson also made it to the list.

Princess Catherine
The future queen is also this year’s most inspirational person. source: Vogue

Humes stood second in the poll as she gathered a total of 25% of those who voted in the poll. Truss, the shortest-serving Prime Minister in British history landed third with 23%.

One fan of the Princess who was very happy with the poll’s result shared their excitement by writing:

“For the past two and a half years she has been a shining light, the king of woman every girl should try to become, someone honorable, smart and classy,”

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The late Queen was fond of the princess of Wales

One admirer of the princess wrote:

”Truly, the one and only who deserves all the love and respect, Our Beloved Princess of Wales.”

Being in the public eye as a member of the British Royal Family is under huge pressure. Whenever the Princess steps out, all eyes are on her. Thankfully, she never makes a wrong move.

Catherine, who was once a commoner fit in very well with the Royal household. Even her Majesty was fond of Catherine and thought she defined the future of the British Monarchy.

Princess Catherine
The Queen adored Catherine and thought she was the best choice for William. source: Harper’s Bazaar

Not just in the UK, Catherine is a huge inspiration for women of all age groups all around the world.

The Princess’ role has become very strong and more responsible ever since the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II‘s death in September.

Now, the Princess is preparing very well to become Queen one day.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have always managed their time so that they can focus equally on their royal duties and spending quality time with their three kids who are currently studying at Lambrook School near Windsor.

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