21 Celebrities captured! Their Behaviour who are so Normal and Casual Just Like Us!

Celebrities, when we think of them we often think of them as if they the kind of people who live the golden life! But can you believe that they live their life like us outside the set life! Let’s check out some celebrities’ pictures who were caught in the camera while living the normal life!

Shop Till They Drop!

(Sarah Jessica Parker)Source: usmagazine

Sarah Jessica Parker is an Academy Award-winning actress who is famous for her lead role in Sex and the City. She was seen shopping and holding her own Hermes bags around NYC.

They Stay Hydrated!

(Marion Cotillard)Source: usmagazine

Marion Cotillard is a French actress who has won Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, two César Awards, a European Award, and a Lumières. She was captured with a simple look drinking bottled water.

They Keep Their Hands Full!

(Reese Witherspoon)Source: usmagazine

Reese Witherspoon is an Award-winning American actress, producer, and entrepreneur. Reese was photographed holding Julia Reed’s South through L.A.

They Embrace Spring!

(Christina Milian)Source: usmagazine

Christina Milian is a Cuban-American actress. carried an armload of hyacinth blooms.

They Mix Drinks!

(Victoria Justice)Source: usmagazine

Victoria Justice is an American actress and singer sweetened her water with Wyler’s Light Pink Lemonade.

They Browse Art!

(Ashley Greene)Source: usmagazine

Twilight starrer actress Ashley Greene thumbed through paintings and vintage magazines in West Hollywood on May 14, 2017.

They Stuff Their Faces!

(Katy Perry)Source: usmagazine

Global singer Katy Perry took a dessert break during the Wango Tango concert in Carson, CA.

They Cool Down!

(Jordana Brewster)Source: usmagazine

Stretch time! Jordana Brewster is an American actress and model. She was photographed unwound after exercising in L.A.

They Eat Late-Night Snacks!

(Alessandra Mastronardi)Source: usmagazine

Master of None co-stars Alessandra Mastronardi and Aziz Ansari celebrated the show’s season 2 premiere May 11 in NYC.

They Sip Iced Coffee!

(Kristen Stewart)Source: usmagazine

Kristen Stewart leaned on caffeine to refresh in New Orleans May 10.

They Feed The Meter!

(Scout Willis)Source: usmagazine

Scout Willis secured a parking spot in Glendale, CA, ahead of her May 8 workout.

They Make Tough Choices!

(Prince Charles and Duchess Camila)Source: usmagazine

So sweet! Prince Charles and Duchess Camila treated themselves April 28 in Scotland.

They Make Wishes!

(Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)Source: usmagazine

“Bye Bye 20’s you were hot,” Rosie Huntington-Whiteley celebrated her birthday on April 19 and posted of turning 30.

They Wrap It Up!

(Gwen Stefani)Source: usmagazine

So gifted! Gwen Stefani headed to an L.A. party holding the gift by herself.

They Put Out The Trash!

(Selma Blair)Source: usmagazine

A dressed-down Selma Blair made a curbside drop-off in L.A. March 29.

They Pose For Selfies!

(Reese Witherspoon)Source: usmagazine

“So fun!” Reese Witherspoon (in Draper James) wrote of Orlando’s Planet Hollywood at Disney Springs opening March 17

They Eat On The Go!

(Leighton Meester)Source: usmagazine

“Flattering photo feat. In-n-out doing press,” Leighton Meester joked while promoting Fox’s Making History March 14.

They Spread Jam!

(Ed Sheeran)Source: usmagazine

Perfect singer Ed Sheeran laid it on thick during a March 14 TV appearance in Berlin.

They Run Errands!

(Hilary Duff)Source: usmagazine

Lizzie Mcguire starrer Hilary Duff kept her arms full in West Hollywood Feb. 28