Celebrity Chef Rick Stein regrets not getting a chance to cheer Anthony Bourdain who died of suicide last year June!

Celebrity Chef Rick Stein was a friend of the late chef, Anthony Bourdain. He remembered him recently while talking to The Telegraph this Friday and said that he repents not able there to cheer Anthony Bourdain up. Anthony had committed suicide last year in June and Rick is feeling extremely bad about it.

Rick Stein and his remorse

Celebrity Chef Rick Stein is extremely sad about his friend and fellow chef Anthony Bourdain’s death. He was talking to The Telegraph this Friday and feels that he was not given a chance to cheer him up.

Source: Daily Mail (Rick and Anthony Bourdain)

Rick said:

“It was really weird because we happened to be filming in the same little town where he took his life in Kaysersberg.”

Rick repents that he was unable to prevent Anthony’s death. He was in the same town shooting and wished that he had met him somewhere so that he could have known about his depression and cheered him up. Chef Rick further added:

“I didn’t even know he was there filming, but I just sometimes think maybe if I’d met up with him in a bar somewhere I could have cheered him up.”

Rick Stein and his impression of the food industry

Rick, 72 further said that many chefs in this industry get depression due to the tough working conditions. But he feels that Anthony was a sane person and does not believe that he could have taken such a drastic step. Rick elaborated:

“I was surprised about Anthony because he just seemed to be so sane.”

Source: Daily Express (Rick)

Anthony Bourdain and his death

Anthony took his own life in June 2018. He was just 61 years old when he died. At the time of his death, Anthony was at the Le Chambard hotel in Kaysersberg, France. The French media claimed that when he died, Anthony was filming for his show on CNN called Parts Unknown.

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In fact, just a few months before he died Anthony had given an interview to PEOPLE magazine during which he had accepted that he is living is for his daughter. His daughter Ariane was born in the year 2007. Anthony had said that he felt a sense of responsibility after his birth. His desire to live had risen, he stated, after his daughter’s birth. He had said:

“There have been times, honestly, in my life that I figured, “I’ve had a good run – why not just do this stupid thing, this selfish thing… jump off a cliff into the water of indeterminate depth.”

He had done this thrill-seeking act when he was filming for his show on Travel Channel called No Reservations. He was referencing to this act during his interview.

Source: Evening Standard (Rick)

Ariane is his daughter with his former wife Ottavia Busia, a mixed martial artist. He had married her on 20 April 2007 but the couple separated in 2016. Since 2017 to the time of his death, he was dating Italian actress Asia Argento.

Source; Daily Mail