The new celebrity fad! Snake massage! What is it?

Celebrities are known for their craziness: be it regarding their clothes, lifestyle, or pleasures. The recent celebrity craze that is seen in the community is snake massage. What exactly is snake massage? Let us try to know.

Snake massage and the start of the fad

The snake massage was been done for some time now but it became famous by Victoria Secret model Stella Maxwell. She shared her experience her Instagram. Everyone got curious.

Source: YouTube (Snake massage)

In this boa constrictors move along your body as you lie flat on a massage table. Serpentessa who offers this service to the people and celebrities has spoken about this rising fad in the entertainment industry. Pythons are used since they are not poisonous. They are fed 30 minutes before the snake massage so that they do not bite.

Serpentessa and her claims

The snake priestess, Serpentessa told ET about this new craze amongst the celebrities. She is a snake charmer and has been in this field for the last 35 years. She now helps people get relaxation and to get connected with snakes. She states:

“A snake massage is a thrilling surrender into deep sensual sensory bliss,”

She added:

“They stimulate the vagus nerve which releases oxytocin and endorphins, the ‘feel-good hormones.’”

She continued:

“Many, many clients tell me that the snake will go to areas of their bodies they need healing and that’s often in the neck area and the head area, down by the feet.”

Source: YouTube (Snake massage)

Snakes are nestled around the head and neck of the people who take the snake massage. Serpentessa said:

“It encompasses a few snakes. It always happens at your choice and you get an opportunity to be up close and personal with an animal that is truly a force of nature because in the wild when we lived in nature it was teaching us to survive. The massage is about getting present and transformation, evolving your power and also embodying deep bliss.”

How is the fear of boas overcome in snake massage?

The appearance of the snake massage could terrify people but Serpentessa claims that just one session with the boas assists the person getting the snake massage to overcome the fear which is unwarranted. Serpentessa says:

“They have never hurt anybody,”

So what is the cost? A massage lasting for 75 minutes costs $ 300.

Dos and don’ts during snake massage

The person receiving the snake massage has to adhere to certain rules. They have to lie still and not shout or scream at the snakes. This will confuse the snakes and they will think that the person is a predator or prey. The snake massage receiver should not blow air at them since it is painful. Sudden, jerky movements are to be avoided. Problems are less if these are followed.

Source: YouTube (Snake massage)

Snake massage is not there in every country. They are in Israel, Russia, and Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, and the Philippines. It does not cure depression and childhood trauma. Animal activists are unhappy of this ancient remedy and label it as exploitation. They say that they do not treat them as workers but as friends and family. They kiss and hug them and do not exploit them in any way.

Lisa Rinna and her opinion about the snake massage

Lisa Rinna was not impressed with Serpentessa ‘s snake massage and the ET video on it. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posted some hilarious comments about it on her Instagram stories. Lisa said:

“Oh no. Nope. “

Source: The List (Lisa Rinna)

Watching the video, she screamed:

” Nope. Hellllll no. No, no, no Serpentessa. What?” Oh, god. Yeah, no f**king way! Shut the f**k up.”

Credit: AOL . com, ET