Celebrity horse-owners! List of celebrities who own horses on their farms!

Celebrities who own horses are rare but nevertheless there. Some of them love horses and have gone on to own and breed them in their farms. Let us know about some of them!

1. Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen portrayed Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Frank Hopkins in Hidalgo. He is a huge horse lover. He had worked with horses in his films and went on to buy three of them. The actor advocates for the welfare of wild Mustang and has published a book of horse photographs which he has titled The Horse is Good.

Source: Pinterest (Viggo Mortensen)

Viggo had told HorseNation:

“I just developed a really good friendship with him…He kind of came into the movie similar to the way I did.  You know, didn’t have much preparation and was just thrown in and had to swim basically.  And it was rough on him and it took a while for us to kind of get in sync and for him to be comfortable around the set.  So we got to be close and I wanted to stay in touch with him.”

His horses are Eurayus, Kenny, and T. J. He got Kenny as a company for Eurayus.

2. Julia Roberts

Julia has worked with horses and loves riding them. She races them on her New Mexico ranch. She has filmed a documentary called Wild Horses of Mongolia. Julia said of her childhood:

“My knees were always a wreck, but I was proud of them.”

Source: Double Trainers (Julia Roberts)

3. Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen is a former child actress and now an author, businesswoman, fashion designer, and a talented equestrian. She competes in stadium jumping horse shows.

4. Johnny Depp

Johnny lives horses and he has also worked with them in his films. In Sleepy Hollow, he had a horse which was one-eyed and called Goldeneye. The horse’s owner was going to put him down and hence Johnny decided to adopt him. He said:

“I’ve ridden quite a lot in various movies and stuff.  You know… growing up in Kentucky you grow up around horses but every horse is different.  There was one moment in particular where it got unpleasant.”

The latter was during the filming of Lone Ranger when his saddle slipped and he was almost trampled by the horse.

Source: Wide Open Pets (Johnny Depp)

5. Shania Twain

Shania is extremely fond of horses. She included them in her live show in Las Vegas at Caesar Palace. She took forty horses on the street during her promotional event. Shania said:

“I’ve always wanted to include horses in my life as much as possible.  Once I was able to be around horses, I never wanted to stop…I’m living a dream by having them in my show.”

She sang a song on horseback and said:

“There’s a trust that can exist between a man and a horse and that’s what I like to display during that number.”

Other celebrities who adore and own horses are Richard Gere, Madonna, David Letterman, William Shatner, Brad Pitt, Zara Phillips, Miley Cyrus, Patrick Swayze, and others.

Source: doubled trailers