Celebrity surgery! American actress Busy Philipps has undergone a sinus operation!

Busy Philipps had a recent surgery for her sinus infection! She shared a picture of herself outside a hospital as she was leaving it. She was in a wheelchair and had her nose bandaged and was in a red attire (red sweatshirt and matching Adidas track pants) and had her sunglasses on to protect her from the May sun rays. She also had her UGG boots on. Though unwell, she managed to give a big thumbs up for her fans. She had posted this picture on her Instagram. She captioned the picture with the following words:

“My post sinus surgery look was ????. Also. I apparently was giving a lot of thumbs up. Thank you for your good thoughts and kind words! I’m in bed in Mr nightgown resting with my sinuses successfully cleaned out.❤????????❤,”

The day before the social media post

On Sunday, Busy Philipps had shared the story about her impending surgery. She had admitted that she is nervous and has to get up early the next day for it. She wrote:

“I have to wake up early in go for my sinus surgery. I’m nervous. But is anyone not nervous when they have to go in for surgery?” 

Though anxious about the surgery, Busy did mention that she has heard a lot of good things about the surgery from others who have been subjected to it for their sinus problem. She added:

“I have heard from so many people. Everybody says that it can make such a huge difference. I guess I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow,” 

The reason for the surgery

Busy has been suffering from a bad nasal and sinus infection in end of April 2018. She had posted about it on her social media and also mentioned that her head was aching a lot. These were the signs of a severe sinusitis and it is believed that due to non-responsiveness to medications, Busy needed a more aggressive therapy in the form of a surgery.

Busy Philipps’ busy schedule

Busy was extremely busy before her scheduled surgical appointment. She was not able to take any time off before her surgery to compose herself. Two nights before, she was on the red carpet of the Uplift Family Services which was held at the Hollygrove’s 7th Annual Norma Jean Gala.

At the Gala, Busy did not appear worried at all. She looked stunning in her black halterneck dress that was long until her knees. There were some embroidered comet, moon, and stars on her dress. Busy had also worn pointed toe silver-colored heels.

Source: Into the Gloss (Busy)

What this year has in store for Busy Philipps?

Busy Philipps is going to be rather busy this year for our Cougar Town alum. She has already appeared in Amy Schumer-led comedy I Feel Pretty. It has also been reported that Busy would be returning to TV in order to host her very own chat show which would be aired on E! network. Busy was extremely super excited about having bagged this wonderful project and is looking forward to the show.

Short Bio on Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps is an American actress. She is best known for her roles on the television series Freaks and Geeks and Dawson Creek. Busy also played Laurie Keller on the series Cougar Town. More Bio…