Charlotte Crosby had to get her breast implants removed for medical and health reasons!

TV personality Charlotte Crosby had got breast implants done 2 years back, but now she had to get them removed due to some complications. She underwent the procedure of removal of the breast implants after she returned from Brazil trip.

Charlotte Crosby and her breast implants removal surgery

Charlotte Crosby was on a trip to Brazil with her boyfriend Josh Ritchie. This trip was a luxury holiday along with promotion for their show The Charlotte Show. On her return, she went to her cosmetic surgery to get her breast implants removed. Charlotte, 28 had agonizing pain in the breast implant areas. She went to her doctor for these complaints. The details of her health scare will be provided on her MTV reality series, The Charlotte Show.

Source; Mirror UK (Charlotte)

A source revealed:

“Charlotte has been in quite severe pain with her breasts, one in particular.”

“She saw a specialist before Brazil and he diagnosed severe inflammation and capsular contracture – which is when the scar tissue around the implant inside the body gets tight and hard.”

“This can cause chronic pain and hardness which was what Charlotte was experiencing. “

“As a precaution she has also been referred for breast scans to ensure there is nothing else going on.”

Charlotte Crosby and her regrets

Charlotte is upset and regrets having put the breast implants in the first place.

Source; Daily Mail (Charlotte)

The insider told:

“She bitterly regrets having implants at the same time. Those implants have been removed and Dr Hassan has tried to fix the symmastia for a second time.”

She now wishes that she should not have gone under the knife. This could happen to anyone; after all, it is an invasive procedure. Hence plastic surgery procedures should best be avoided. In the case of Charlotte, she will have to be on a long recovery period after this procedure and be at home during it. Josh has been very supportive. He has been on her side continuously during her ordeal.

Charlotte Crosby and her breast implants surgery

Charlotte Crosby had got implants inserted into her breasts in 2017. She also had her congenital and hereditary symmastia corrected at the same time. Charlotte had at that time spoken to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on the show This Morning. She had said:

“I’ve had my lips done and I’ve also had my nose done, and I’ve had my symmastia repaired.”

“So I was born with congenital symmastia,”

Holly intervened and asked:

“I know this because you used to call it your uniboob.”

Laughingly, Charlotte had continued:

“It’s where your boobs are joint in the middle and they don’t have a gap – it’s something I got from my mum because she’s got it as well.”

So Charlotte had multiple surgeries done on her body for cosmetic reasons.

Source; Daily Mail (Charlotte Crosby)

Charlotte gained fame when she appeared on the show Geordie Shore in the year 2011. She continued with this show until 2016 after which she quit the series.

Short Bio on Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby is an English reality television personality. People mostly recognize her for her appearance in the MTV reality series ‘Geordie Shore’. Additionally, she won the 2013 season of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. More Bio…

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