Chef Simon Rimmer has a change of mind! He does not mind contesting in I’m a Celebrity. Get me out of here….show!

English chef and restaurateur Simon Rimmer has a change of mind. He had earlier said that he would never take part in the show I’m a celebrity….Get me out if here! But now after talking to his friends who contested on the show, Simon has changed his mind and would like to be part of this fun-filled show!

Simon Rimmer and his new changed announcement

Sunday Brunch host Simon Rimmer wants to do something different from his regular hosting of Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch with co-host Tim Lovejoy, 51.

Source: Daily Express (Tim and Simon)

Simon, 55 told Express UK:

“I’ll do the jungle I think. I always said I wouldn’t do it but I think now, I would.

“Everyone I know who has done that [show] said it’s good fun so maybe I’ll do that.”

Simon had earlier not wanted to do the show but now he is willing to take part in it since his friends said that it is enjoyable.

Simon Rimmer and his reservations for one TV show

The TV chef Simon, however, still has one TV show on his list which he is not willing to do. He said that he will never do Dancing on Ice. When asked, this was Simon’s reply with reasoning:

“God no! Never would I do Dancing On Ice.

“I’ve got arthritis in my hip and problems with my Achilles so that would be a ridiculous thing to do.”

Source: Good To Know (Simon)

But maybe, his mind may change later on for this show as well.

Simon Rimmer and his fun on the show Strictly Come Dancing

In 2017, Simon was on the show Strictly Come Dancing. His dancing partner was Venezuelan dancer Karen Clifton. His celebrity fans on the show included celebrity pals Gemma Atkinson, Mollie King, Debbie McGee, and Joe McFadden.

Simon was all praise for Karen whom he calls a ‘proper lass’. Talking about the show and Karen, Simon had earlier said:

“I’m still very much in touch with her [Karen].

“She’s a proper lass. She’s very intense. You know, all the pro-dancers are. They are 100 per cent professional and they push you. They think you can do a little bit, they want to push you to do that little bit more.”

Source; Hello magazine (Karen Clifton and Simon)

Simon also has contacts with Gemma and Debbie after the show. He said:

“I speak to Gemma a lot. She lives in Manchester so we speak a lot. I spoke to Debbie McGee the other week and I speak to Richard Coles quite a bit.

“Aston [Merrygold], he and I have been trying to go out for a beer for the last six months and still haven’t managed it. So yeah, I’m pretty friendly with a good group of them.”

Revealing more, Simon had stated:

“In my year, you had Debbie and Joe, who went and won the show. They’re dancing for the judges. They want the recognition. I wasn’t that bothered actually.

“I just wanted Karen to be proud of me. That was all I cared about really. It’s just a magnificent experience. It’s joyous.”

Source: Express UK