Child Ponography Case Of Jerry Harris Is Back On The Court; Everything Inside The Trial And The Allegations!

Child Ponography Case Of Jerry Harris Is Back On The Court; Everything Inside The Trial And The Allegations!

Jerry Harris, the American tv personality is facing the allegations of sexual misconduct with the minors. As his case of child sonography reopens on the court, he will face the pending trial. As per the court documents, he asked the minor to send the picture of his genitals on Snapchat. The 21-years old is also accused of victimizing the other 5-10 children. Here is everything you need to know about his allegations and trials.

Allegations of Jerry Harris

Jerry Harris allegedly used his fame for a sexual predator offense. He asked minors for the picture of their private parts. One of the claims is that he allegedly groomed a 13-year old and pressured him to send a picture of his genitals via Snapchat.

Moreover, he also asked for sexually explicit pictures and videos through the text. The prosecutors claimed that ‘Cheers’ star used his fame to explicit the minors. Furthermore, in the court documents, they claimed:

Jerry Harris’s case is back on court (Source: TMZ)

“Harris exhibits all the signs of a serial child predator and unless and until he receives significant mental health sex offender treatment, he will remain a danger to any child he encounters, either online or in person.”

If the Netflix star gets convict on the federal charge of pornography charges, he may face 30 years in jail. However, the spokesperson of the tv personality reportedly denied all the claims from the prosecutors.

Furthermore, they also claimed that the allegations to place when the star himself was a teenager. They mentioned they are confident with the completion of the investigation all the facts will come ahead of everyone.

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Harris’ lawyers asking for home detention

After the actor’s case reopened in the court, his lawyers are asking for home detention. As per the report, they are pleading to the federal judge with the claim that Harris suffers from asthma. Due to the ongoing COVID-19, the jail time would be risker for him.

Jerry Harris’s lawyers are asking for home detention (Source: US Weekly)

However, the prosecutors claim that having his mother watch over him during his home detention will not surely e safe.

The assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Parente stated:

“If a full gymnasium of cheer mom and dads is not enough to deter Harris from committing these crimes, a single cheer mom will have no chance at protecting the community from Harris,”

The court document details, he followed a 15-year old boy in a public bathroom during a cheerleading program. The prosecutors then mentioned either he does not have fear of getting caught or can’t control himself.

The file also reads that the owner of the gymnasium tipped him off. At the time, Harris allegedly destroyed his old phone and got a new one. He started using that phone to reach out to other minors.

Jerry Harris
People came forward with allegations of sexually explicit with minors (Source: Toronto Sun)

Did Jerry Harris misuse his fame?

Harris is continuously growing his fame in the entertainment industry. He has already walked the Oscars carpet as a correspondent for Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.

Moreover, he also got the chance to appear in “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” where he shared his stage with Oprah Winfrey.

The prosecutors are claiming that the tv personality used his growing fame to explicit the minors. As per the reports, he started using his money to explicit under-age boys. Recently, he offered over $1,000 to ask the private pictures of minors via Snapchat and Facetime.

Jerry Harris
Jerry Harris with his costars of Cheers (Source: ABC33/30)

The complaint stated that the tv personality admitted asking minors for graphic images and also asked for sex on several occasions. Moreover, he also admitted to child pornography through Snapchat.

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