Child Star Skai Jackson Slamming the Biggest Bully in the Best Way Possible!! Debuting in the Hollywood star since 9 months old! All information Here

Child Star Skai Jackson Slamming the Biggest Bully in the Best Way Possible!! Debuting in the Hollywood star since 9 months old! All information Here

Skai Jackson is just a teenager and she is one of the celebrities in the Hollywood industry. She has been known in the industry for playing in Disney movies and is known as a Disney star. She came on Headlines after she slammed the biggest bully in the best way possible!

Let’s find out the whole story.

Source: livejournal
Source: LiveJournal (Skai Jackson)

Relationship Status of Skai

Jackson is only 15 years old and is an unmarried girl. She has managed to keep her personal life so secret that nothing relating to her affair and relationship status is published.

It seems like she is sharpening her skills and strength to make her dreams successful rather than being stuck in the relationship. According to our record, she is perhaps single.

Source: healthyceleb
Source: healthy celeb (Skai Jackson)

Skai Standing up to Biggest Bully

One of the great downsides of the internet is the bullies that seem to lurk in every corner, just waiting to say something awful about you.

But while it is best to ignore the haters and the trolls, Skai Jackson decided enough was enough. She stood up to possibly one of the biggest bullies on the internet, rapper Azealia Banks, who had decided to bash her body.

Source: j-14
Source: j-14 (Skai Jackson)

Azealia Banks needs to simmer down a little

The back-and-forth on social media started when Skai made an off-hand comment that Azealia was doing entirely too much. Earlier that day, the rapper had made racist comments about Zayn Malik, who she claimed stole her visual concepts for his new “Like I Would” music video. It’s difficult to tell if the two incidents were related, but Skai is a noted One Direction fan, so this could likely have set it off.


Though Skai had not tagged Azealia in her tweet, the rapper found it anyway and decided to initiate a fight. However, Skai Jackson quickly shut it all down.

She pointed out that her career isn’t limited to just the Disney Channel and that’s not a bad place to get a career boost at all, the meme created from her likeness became viral, and she’s 14 and showing no signs of slowing down.

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Skai Before Jessie and Bunk’d

The cover star, Skai Jackson, wasn’t just the sassy Zuri Ross on Jessie and Bunk’d. Before she became a Disney Channel star, Skai was a familiar face in the commercials and print advertisements world!

Do you Remember that Band-Aid commercial with the memorable tune: “Band-Aids don’t stick on me!” Yup! That was our cover star, Skai!

Source: imgraced
Source: immigrated (Skai Jackson)

Skai was also featured in several print advertisements when she was younger such as Target and Baby Talk Magazine. Skai started her modeling career when she was only 9 months old! As she grew older she loved what she was doing!

Source: livingcivil
Source: living civil (Skai Jackson)

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Short Bio on Skai Jackson

Skai Jackson is an American child actress. She is extremely prominent for her role in “The Rebound”, “Arthur”, “The Smurfs”, “Austin & Ally”, and “Good Luck Charlie”. She is a hardworking person and has made a respectable position in the American acting field. – See more bio at…