Chloe Sims talks about the rude and vicious trolls she has been receiving on her social media!

TOWIE star Chloe Sims reveals the father of her baby as she celebrates her daughter’s 14th birthday!

Social Media has enhanced social networking no doubt but it also has led to a host of other problems. Trolls are common practice these days and nothing much has been done to halt it. This time TOWIE actress Chloe Sims was at the receiving end. She revealed all about the vicious and obnoxious messages and comments she gets from the social media community. A look at what she said on it.

Chloe Sims is upset with trolls

The TOWIE actress Chloe Sims is just 37. But she disclosed that she receives messages on her social media telling her that she should retire since she is too old now to act. The people writing it ask her to retire gracefully.

Chloe Sims has been trolled for many years now (Source: Closer magazine)

But Chloe also revealed that these trolls have been ongoing since she joined the field. She stated that she has been defending her age since she joined the show cast at her age of 29.

Chloe Sims and her response to the trolls

The trolls definitely upset the reality TV star. But she decided to hit back. She replied:

Why on earth would I retire? … Am I too old to be TV at the age of 37? I am 37, not 67.”

More details revealed about the trolls

Speaking to Sun Online, Chloe said:

“One lady messaged me who was definitely my nan’s age and told me to “retire gracefully”.'”

Chloe said that the people who say things would not have the courage to talk to her in that rude way on her face.

Chloe Sims slams back these trolls (Source: Heart UK)

But she does not allow them to take her for granted. She does not allow them to say what they like about her. She gives them a befitting reply. Hence she told the woman with the above troll:

“I just don’t get what is wrong with someone to get so wound up about a TV show they feel the need to send a vicious DM. Who in their right mind does that?'”

The woman then tried to backtrack on her comment and said that she meant that Chloe is too good for the show. The blonde also revealed that she has been defending her age since she was 29. But Chloe honestly disclosed that she also does get a lot of positive comments as well.

She said her co-star Pete Wicks, 30 was called a bully when they had a feud with Amber Turner on the show.

Chloe Sims and her relationship

She has a platonic relationship with Pete but also said that he has all the qualities she seeks in a man. He is her soul mate, she revealed. She said she is not a celibate but keeps all her romances low-key and out of the camera eye.

Chloe considers Pete Wicks her soul mate (Source: Daily Mail UK)

She had a relationship with Dan Edgar, 29 but it was, over when he went to Amber Turner, 26. But she was never friends with Amber ever. She divulged:

I never associated with her without Dan, she tried to make out as if we were friends to begin with and that wasn’t the case.”

She had no word with Dan since May 2019.

Source: Daily Mail UK