What Is Chloe Veitch Doing After Too Hot To Handle; She Gets Candid About Her Insecurities!

What Is Chloe Veitch Doing After Too Hot To Handle; She Gets Candid About Her Insecurities!

Chloe Veitch is widely famous for appearing in the reality show “Too Hot To Handle”. The reality star got candid about her insecurities she found out after appearing on the show. You may be wondering what she is up to after wrapping up the show. Here is the quick update on Veitch’s life after the show.

Chloe’s journey on Too Hot To Handle

Chloe was the first contestant to introduce herself on the show. The former Top model UK winner showed the funny side of her on the show. Seeing her personality, the audience appreciated her personality alongside her beauty.

People got to know about her good sense of humor which made people laugh. Like all on the contestants on the show, Chloe was afraid of commitments. She won millions of hearts from the show with her iconic line, which reads:

Chloe Veitch is a Top model UK winner (Source: Instagram)

 “I’m not the brightest spark in the book.”

If you don’t know about Too Hot To Handle, it is the show where you can get price money of  $100,000 prize. However, the contestant should avoid any type of physical interaction. If they break the rule, the money from the prize gets deducted.

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What is Chloe Veitch doing after the show?

A 21-year-old model Chloe is from Essex England. The model is active on her Instagram updating her followers on daily basis. After getting back from the show, the reality star revealed she got a different perspective to look at relationships.

Chloe is currently single (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, she revealed she went from swiping on Tinder to feeling empowered single lady. She described herself as a serial dater before she arrived on the show.

As she was on the show, where she could not show her affection through physical touch, after the show, she stated:

“I’m a very passionate and affectionate person and when I like someone I love to hug them, kiss them and hold hands with them, so it was a shock when we found out the rules.” 

Chloe’s friendship with the fellow castmates

Chloe and Nicole have a strong friendship since the show (Source: Instagram)

Though she may not be in touch with everyone on the show, she definitely built a friendship with some of them. After getting out of the show, everyone from the cast facetime and checks up on time to time. From all of them, she still has a good connection with Nicole.

On the show, where everyone was finding their love, Chloe and Nicole found friends on each other. The duo was on the show since the start to its end. Going through their Instagram page, it is safe to say they definitely have “Friendship Goals”.

Recently, the model posted a snap with her friend Nicole with an adorable caption which reads:

“My gorgeous baby girl. Can’t wait for many nights out on the town after this!!! See you after quarantine”

Chloe with Too Hot To Handle castmates (Source: Instagram)

Recently, she updated her fans with the snap of her and Nicole hanging out. The model is also in touch with the boys of the show.

She mentioned she occasionally catch up on them in facetime. We can see a small get together with her show pals on her Instagram.

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