Chris Brown faces the law again for possession of the endangered Capuchin monkey without the permit!

Chris Brown has another charge against him. He has been slapped with two counts of possession of a restricted primate species without a permit.

Chris Brown and the possession of the restricted animal species

It is learned that Chris Brown had posted on his Instagram a video of his daughter Royalty, 4 playing with a Capuchin monkey. This monkey is an endangered species and cannot be owned without a permit. Illegal possession of this animal species could invite a jail term of 6 months or more.
It is said that one year ago, Chris purchased this animal for his daughter Royalty. He obtained it without the usual proper documentation and permit. In December 2017, he put up a social media snap and video clipping of his daughter Royalty playing with the monkey whom they named Fiji.

Many followers and social media users who saw the video reported about it to The California Department of Fish and Wildlife who then decided to probe the matter. They questioned the celebrity and wanted to search his house.

Chris then volunteered to surrender the Capuchin monkey to the authorities. His papers were not in order and hence he was charged and now will face the court on 6 February 2019.

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Chris Brown changes his verbal statement

Chris Brown who had told his servants to surrender the species to the wildlife authorities who have now kept the animal at an undisclosed location has now changed his earlier version and stated that the animal does not belong to him. He said that the video has not been shot in his Los Angeles home.

He has further put on record that the actual owner of Fiji is his relative from Las Vegas. But the authorities are not buying his changed story. The monkey was in his house when it was handed out to the authorities.

Chris has responded by stating that the owner of Fiji was visiting him during the week that the animal was discovered and found in his home.

Source; The Source (Chris Brown)

Chris Brown and his previous problems with the law

Chris has been facing problems with the law since the last few years. In 2009, he had hit his then-girlfriend Rihanna and was charged with felony assault. He had completed the ordered probation in 2015. But even before that, in 2013, he was accused of striking a man outside a Washington DC hotel and was charged for misdemeanor assault. He went into rehab but was removed from there since he violated the facility rules. He was in jail for three months. He underwent the anger management course and soon after allegedly threw a brick at his mother’s car.

Source: Rap Up (Chris Brown)

In April 2017, Chris hit Bennie Vines Jr. who was hired by the event personnel to take pictures of the event which was hosted by Chris Brown. Bennie stated that he was punched by Chris and had a torn lip. Bennie told the officers that he wanted to prosecute Chris.

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