All The Controversy Ongoing Of Beauty Community in 2020; From Tati Westbrook To Jeffree Star And Shane Dawson Are On Fire!

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  • The beauty community on YouTube is currently on fire with lots of controversy going around.
  • There is a huge drama that is happening in 2020 between many beauty influencers.
  • Some are on the backlash of the viewers while some are exposing the other beauty influencers.

Here are some of the top controversy and drama that is happening in this community in 2020.

James Charles’s Instant Influencer

James Charles got into a huge controversy with his latest project ‘Instant Influencer’. The show was a collaboration with YouTube originals featuring Charles as a host and the judge on it.

It was made with the aim of selecting a beauty enthusiast with a competition. The show had prize money of $50,000 for the winner among all the participants.

James Charles with the judges of first episode of Instant Influencer
James Charles with the judges of the first episode of Instant Influencer (Source: TenEighty)

When the trailer of the show came to the internet people did not seem to be happy with the show. However, the show caught fire of controversy after people started pointing out a lack of diversity.

Many people started questioning whether there were people who were from a very specific group. The viewers also raised the point saying there were no participants from the black race, different sizes, or from different age groups. There are few episodes of the show on Charle’s channel.

Shane Dawson leaving the beauty community

The recent controversial YouTuber Dawson stepped into the beauty world with his makeup products in collaboration with Jeffree Star.

He released two makeup products which included an eye-shadow palette, called Mini Controversy and Conspiracy Palette. However, people started raising questions if he was behind Tati’s video on James Charles.

He decided to leave the beauty community after the controversy and made it clear on Twitter. He made a long elaborated post on Twitter describing the reason he wants to leave the beauty community.

Shane’s tweet about leaving the beauty community (Source: Twitter)

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Jeffree Star stayed silent all the way

Everyone is aware of the friendship between Shane Dawson and one of the most famous beauty influencers Jeffree Star. However, when everyone is dragging Dawson on the going controversy, Star decided to keep silent.

People started raising questions about Shane and Jeffree’s involvement in the accusation video of Tati’s which she made exposing James Charles back in 2019.

People know Jeffree as the one who likes to keep his opinions loud and clear on social media. Despite, people constantly questioning him, he is still keeping himself out of all the drama going around.

Source: Jeffree Star is staying quiet all this time (Jeffree)

Recently the rumors are going around that Jeffree is the co-owner of the big makeup brand Morphie. However, the brand has made it clear that he is not the investor of the company.

Jeffree is still silent about all these things and he has not clarified all the questions people are asking him. Just like Dawson, he is also losing his subscribers after all the controversy going around.

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