Coronation Street’s star Alison King introduces her fiance for the first time! Who is the lucky man in her life?

For quite some time now, there were rumors afloat that Coronation Street actress Alison King has said yes to a mystery man. But Alison King had not revealed who the lucky man in her life is. But now she has introduced him to her fans and the world. His name is David Stuckley and he is a IT salesman. Let us know more about him and the couple’s engagement.

Alison King and her new fiance

Coronation Street actress Alison King, 46 has confirmed that she is indeed engaged. There were rumors around about her engagement but she never did confirm on it. But now she has admitted that her man has proposed to her and she said yes. She also introduced him to her fans and the world.

Alison King is engaged to David Stuckley (Source: Mirror UK)

Alison showed off her engagement ring which is a stunning diamond and platinum ring. She revealed that she had some idea that he would propose to her on their romantic boat trip. Hence she too purchased a Rolex fir an engagement gift to give to her fiance. She took it along with her when they went for their Mediterranean Cruise. So she was, prepared well for the coming proposal. She told OK magazine:

It was just a few days after our one-year anniversary. I had an inkling he was going to pop the question because he kept putting something on my finger and going, ‘Right, close your eyes and forget this ever happened!’

She added further:

“We’d also discussed marriage, too. I think we both went from ‘No, we don’t ever need to get married’, to ‘Oh, we really want to get married!'”

The engagement details

Alison King introduced her fiance to the world for the first time (Source: Daily Mail)Alison disclosed that her fiance is an IT salesman and is called David Stuckley. They had gone with other mutual friends to Portugal. David then gathered courage and booked for Alison and himself a sunset cruise without telling the other friends. Describing the engagement, she said:

“I’d bought him a Rolex as an engagement present too, and I took it along just in case he asked as I had an inkling he would! But as we drove towards the port at Albufeira, there were black clouds over the sea. The taxi driver was like, ‘You’re going on a boat? You’re kidding, right?’.”

Alison King and David were engaged on a boat trip (Source: OK magazine)

The boat crew had promised the couple that despite the bad weather they will not cancel the boat trip. The waves, were lashing high but they risked it for the romantic couple. David did not propose on the boat since he feared that the ring might fly off his hands. They returned to the marina and here David proposed. He said:

“Once the crew had turned off the engine and gone downstairs, I got really nervous and started stumbling over my words. And I thought, I’ve got to ask her now, so it was then that I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. I got emotional! I didn’t know what she was going to say.”

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She added:

I said ‘Yes please’, and then I gave him the watch! It was perfect, even though it didn’t go to plan!”

About the relationship and forthcoming wedding

Alison King and David Stuckley met in March 2018. Their personal trainer had set them up. They were seen together in the same year but never confirmed their relationship until now.

Alison King and David Stuckley are happy to be engaged (Source: OK magazine)

The couple have already decided on their wedding venue. But are now relaxed and taking things easy. They just want a nice party.

Source: Mirror UK