Coronavirus is mutating! But scientists divided on whether it is getting stronger or weaker?

Coronavirus has been in this world of humans for the last 7 months. It started in Wuhan in December 2019 and has spread to the whole world. Cases continue to increase daily in countries worldwide and this trend has not stopped. And now doctors are saying that the virus is mutating. But they are divided on the way the deadly virus is mutating. Some doctors feel that the virus is getting stronger whereas others feel that it is losing its potency. All these feelings and beliefs are not backed by any scientific data!!! So what exactly is the state of the virus now?

Coronavirus potency and the divided opinion

The doctors worldwide agree that the deadly coronavirus is mutating now. But there is no clarity as yet on whether this mutation is in our favor or not in our favor. Because all these are feelings and beliefs of doctors who are dealing daily with the coronavirus cases. But there is no scientific backing or evidence for these feelings or beliefs.

In Florida, the cases seem to be on the decline. Pediatric critical care doctor Jason Foland said:

“This virus is mutating.”

Is coronavirus losing its potency? [Source:]
He added in a news conference:

“The less aggressive virus is the one that is spreading throughout the community.”

More on this divided opinion on coronavirus virulence

Scientists working on the virus at the Scripps Research Lab in Jupiter feel just the opposite. They state that the virus is getting stronger and affecting and killing more people. So with all this disagreement amongst the medical fraternity, the world is left confused. Professor of microbiology at Nova Southeastern’s College of Medical Sciences, Bindu Mayi opined:

“With all of the data that we have currently, there is no proof that the virus is less transmissible or less virulent.”

Coronavius potency [Source: TOI]
Explaining on the increase in capacity of transmission, the microbiologist added:

“It increases the number of those spikes on the surface of the virus, and those spikes are important to bind to the host cells.”

This is what we know….until now

So the confusion on whether the virus is losing its potency or increasing it is still unclear. Scientists feel that the time passed is still inadequate to know whether the virus is getting stronger or weaker. They need more time and more evidence and tests to know the results. So there is a lot that we still do not know of the virus or its behavior.

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The microbiologist feels that in the current scenario we should concentrate on what we know. She stressed:

“The best thing we can do is prevention, and the only way we can do prevention is collectively.”

WHO [Source: CGTN News]
Jupiter researchers feel that until now there is inconclusive evidence to prove that the virus is causing any changes in the number of hospitalizations or deaths and they are still static and same as before.

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