A matter of trust! 4 countries of the world which did not impose lockdown on its citizens!

The nationwide lockdown has been imposed by many countries of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses, offices, schools, and colleges are shut. People are confined within the four walls of their houses. While most countries followed each other and imposed these lockdowns in a partial or complete way, there were some who begged to differ. These countries did not trouble their citizens and let them continue with their normal routines. But the government told them to adhere to social distancing and wear facial masks and practice regular hand washing in order to avoid catching the virus.

The countries which refused to follow the world on lockdown include Sweden, South Korea, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan.

Sweden-no lockdown

This Scandinavian country of Sweden trusted its people in following the needed measures to curtail coronavirus spread. The country has a transparent administration and a majority of the people are with the government and are obedient. It has to Fate recorded 35000 cases and 4.2k deaths with a population of around one crore.

Sweden No-lockdown (Source: Financial Times)

Most of the businesses are open and people told to go out only when abs necessary. Elderly people have been specifically told to not use public transport and avoid non-essential travel. The country has pushed the responsibility to stay safe on the people rather than use force for it. Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell dismissed that their unique policy was, to increase herd immunity. He said:

“The main tactic is not about that (herd-immunity), but that we have a slow spread of infection and that the healthcare system gets a reasonable amount of work.”

South Korea

In the early stage of the disease, South Korea was, worst-case. But it has managed to keep the situation under control without a lockdown. The country relied on aggressive testing, contact tracing, and isolation. And it has, been highly successful since its cases, are less than 12k and deaths around 269 only.

South Korea with no lockdown [Source: Al Arabiya]


It is a country with zero cases of coronavirus. This country imposed no lockdown. But it disconnected itself from all the rest of the world. They suspended all international flights and also got back its citizens from other countries. There are minimal traffic restrictions within its provinces. Additionally, at checkpoints at strategic places, officers check the temperature of the people crossing these points.

Turkmenistan and no real lockdown  [Source: BBC]
On 25 and 26 April, the country even celebrated Horse Day with the gathering of people in a huge stadium. The world has raised doubts about the claims of no cases because it is one of the most secretive country of Central Asia. Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov denied these accusations on them.

An article in The Diplomat read:

“The Turkmen government is, in a twisted way, taking the coronavirus seriously — just not as a public health threat.”


The country of Tajikistan has majorly imposed no lockdown. It has 3500 cases with 47 deaths until now. But the disease spread to this Central Asian country late. Its first 25 cases came only after 30 April 2020. Though no formal lockdown is in place, the country has banned large gatherings. Face mask-wearing is mandatory.

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Tajikistan with no lockdown [Source: Eurasianet]
Schools authorities have closed schools and organizers have canceled domestic football league. But businesses continue as usual.