Country singer Kacey Musgraves and her musician husband Ruston Kelly divorce!

The axe has run on another married relationship of a celebrity couple. Country singer Kacey Musgraves and her musician husband Ruston Kelly have separated and filed for divorce. They released a joint statement about it. But maintained that they will continue to be friends.

Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly-the divorce

They were a sweet couple of the music industry. Ruston Kelly and Kacey Musgraves were married for three years only but they have now decided to part ways. As a result, they made an official announcement of their divorce and stated that they have filed the legal papers for it.

The couple gave a joint statement to Associated Press which read:

“With heavy but hopeful hearts we wanted to put our own thoughts into the air about what’s happening. These kinds of announcements are always met with scrutiny and speculation and we want to stop that before it even starts. We believe that we were put into each other’s lives for a divine reason and have both changed each other infinitely for the better. The love we have for each other goes far beyond the relationship we’ve shared as husband and wife. It’s a soul connection that can never be erased.”

Kacey and Ruston [Source: Vulture]
The statement further said:

“We’ve made this painful decision together — a healthy decision that comes after a very long period of trying the best we can. It simply just didn’t work. Though we are parting ways in marriage, we will remain true friends for the rest of our lives. We hold no blame, anger, or contempt for each other and we ask for privacy and positive wishes for us both as we learn how to navigate through this.”

The couple’s relationship timeline

Famed country singer Kacey Musgraves met fellow musician Ruston Kelly in 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee at the Iconic Bluebird Cafe. They revealed that it was love at first sight. Kacey told People:

“Ruston played his first song, and I was just stunned by everything in it—the words, the melody, what he was saying. I was just sitting at this table, crying,

When she introduced herself to Ruston, he felt that she was the one. He had revealed:

“This is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Kacey and Ruston [Source: People]
They soon started dating and wed on 14 October 2017. But the couple has no children together.

More about the relationship of the couple

Kacey had received the Album of the Year Award at the 61st Grammys for her highly acclaimed album Golden Hour (2018). During the acceptance speech, she thanked Ruston heartily for his support. She said:

“I really believe I wouldn’t have this album if I hadn’t met you and you didn’t open my heart like you did, so thank you so much”

Ruston’s best studio album is his 2018 release Dying star. On this album, Kacey had given the backing vocals. The couple’s engagement happened on Christmas Day in 2016.

Kacey and Ruston [Source: Page Six]
Kacey had announced the engagement on her Instagram:

“I didn’t say yes…I said HELL YESSSS!!”

“Last night, the best man I’ve ever met got down on one knee in my little pink childhood the same room I played with my ponies and barbies and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. I finally know what everyone means when they say ‘you just know.'”

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