Country singer Lindsey Renee Lagestee dies in hospital after a car accident!

The lead female vocalist of the country music band Dixie Crush, Lindsey Renee Lagestee died of complications after a car accident. She was only 25.

The death of Lindsey Renee Lagestee

The lead female vocalist of the band Dixie Crush, Lindsey Renee Lagestee is no more. She was just 25 and had a lot more to see in life. But she died on Monday 17 February 2020 in hospital where they admitted her for injuries related to a car accident which she had on Valentine’s day. She was on her way to a performance in Chicago when a car hit her, the band said on their Facebook page.

Lindsey (Source: CNN)

Lindsey’s bandmate Jim Nonneman told the music publication Taste of Country that she was crossing the street on her way to the Firewater Saloon, where on 14 February 2020 the band was to perform. At that time, a car came racing by and hit her. Her injuries were serious enough to need hospitalization.

The exact details of the accident are unavailable. It is also not clear whose fault it was-Lindsey’s or that of the driver of the car.

The Facebook post of Lindsey’s band

Lindsey was a founding member of the country music group Dixie Crush which started in 2015. Calling her “incredible performer, great friend, and the best bandmate”, the band wrote on Facebook:

“Above and beyond her beautiful voice, Lindsey just had a way of connecting with every audience leaving an indelible impression,”

“Not only would she give an amazing performance, but after every show, Lindsey would come offstage, take time to meet anyone who wanted to say hi, take pictures, and build friendships.”

Lindsey (Source: Daily Mail UK)

Further, the group said:

“Like a true professional, it made no difference to Lindsey whether we were playing to 40,000 people at Arlington Racecourse, a few thousand people at Parkway Bank Park in Rosemont, a few hundred people at a community festival, or the last 25 patrons at 1:00am at a club, Lindsey cherished every moment on stage and put her heart and soul into every song…every performance,”

They said:

Our hearts are broken over this senseless tragedy,”

About Dixie Crush and Lindsey

Dixie Crush music group is from Chicago, Illinois. It is a party band and had performed Top 40 hits from country music’s biggest stars. Its audience is in clubs, corporate world, and at festivals. Besides, in the last five years, the group has done more than 250 shows.

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Lindsey had done a graduation in Pharmacy from Midwestern University, her obituary states. She was a licensed pharmacist.

Dixie Crush (Source: The Wrap)
Dixie Crush (Source: The Wrap)

Her funeral services was held on Saturday 22 February 2020. The band said:

Her Uncle Tony described her best as a supernova. Above and beyond her beautiful voice, Lindsey just had a way of connecting with every audience leaving an indelible impression,” 

After her act, she would go offstage to meet her fans, take pics with them, and make friendships.

Source: CNN