The court orders real estate tycoon Mohamed Hadid to tear down his Bel Air mansion!

The court orders real estate tycoon Mohamed Hadid to tear down his Bel Air mansion!

There is some legal trouble for Mohamed Hadid who is father of the model sisters, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid. A judge of Los Angeles Court has ordered the father to bring down his $ 100 million huge mansion. The reason stated is that it is of potential danger to the community.

Mohamed Hadid mansion and the danger to the neighbors

TMZ had reported last week that a judge in Los Angeles Superior Court ruled against the mansion of Mohamed Hadid. It is called Starship Enterprise and is in Bel Air. The mansion is only half-constructed and has an area of 30k square foot. It is not up to code and hence poses a clear threat to his neighbors. Judge Craig Karlan said:

“If this house came down the hill, it would take a portion of the neighborhood with it.”

Mohamed Hadid has to tear down his dangerous Bel Air residence (Source: New York Post)

The lawsuit against Mohamed Hadid mansion

Mohamed Hadid had started the work on his Bel Air pad. But neighbors noticed that the mansion was unstable on the hill and may fall soon. Besides, it was illegally built. Hence they died Mohamed for this mansion since they feared that when the mansion falls, it would take their houses along with. It was a real threat for them and they could leave it unnoticed. Hence they brought the legal case against Mohamed to stop him from any further illegal construction and likelihood of damage to properties around.

Mohamed Hadid and his luxurious mansion (Source: Daily Mail UK)

The structural survey of the half-built mansion

A structural audit was done of the half-built house of Mohamed Hadid. The structural engineer opined that the piles, which were used to support the massive home were insufficiently driven into the ground. They were only 20 feet into the bedrock whereas the building regulations required it to be driven 30 feet into the ground.

The judge noted this important point and said:

“This seems to me to be a clear cut case where the property must come down.”

Mohamed Hadid is father of Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid (Source: People)

Further, Judge Craig added:

We’re not talking about an extra wall or a different way into the kitchen. We’re talking about the most significant aspect of the structure — the foundation.”

What Mohamed’s lawyers said?

Mohamed Hadid’s lawyer, Larry Rothstein, argued that though the piles do not meet the building regulation guidelines, they are still safe and can be retrofitted. But the judge did not buy this justification. The Court appointed Douglas Wilson to supervise the demolition, and it will cost Mohamed $5 million to do it.

Bruce Rudman, Mohamed’s second attorney had earlier said that Mohamed can neither afford the demolition nor the fees of Douglas which would come to $500,000.

Mohamed also told TMZ:

“It has never been an imminent danger to the neighbors.”

He also feels that the city inspectors were overseeing the construction and never raised an alarm. And now after he spent millions of dollars on its construction, they have raised objections to it.

Mohamed has now either to comply by building regulations or bring the whole building down.

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