Do You Have A Crush On A Leo Man? Here Are A Few Tips To Impress The Man Of This Zodiac Sign!

Do You Have A Crush On A Leo Man? Here Are A Few Tips To Impress The Man Of This Zodiac Sign!

Leo sign holds the fixed fire sign and they are very loyal, brave, creative, dramatic, and charismatic. You can not get away from his charismatic look. However, the man of this sign is little ego-stroked and flirtatious. The unique and vibrant personality of them is what makes them stand out in the crowd. If you have a crush on a Leo man or looking for a relationship with him, here are tips to impress him.

1. Be strong and confident

Leo man gets attracted to a strong and independent woman who knows what she wants in her life. If you are trying to woo a man of this sign you must play a little hard to get as he notices your every move. You should definitely have your own set of goals planned for your future. They really don’t like the woman who is not sure about her ambition of her life. They like a confident woman who is capable of taking her own decisions without other’s help. Confusing personality and not knowing what you want is the biggest turn off for the man of this sign.

You have to be strong and confident to impress a Leo man (Source: Kasamba)

2. Let him take the lead

The man of this sign likes to lead in any kind of relationship they are in. As they are traditionally dominated by their nature, they appreciate the people who let them take the lead. If you are willing to date this man, drop hints about your interest, however, don’t ask him out first. They want to be the one to propose you, ask you for a date, or take a lead in the relationship. They really fall for the woman who is willing to take his suggestion and most probably be on the back seat of the relationship.

3. Be flirtatious with your Leo Man

Flirt with him to get his attention (Source: United)

Leo man is very romantic and flirtatious from his nature. Moreover, they also appreciate when someone flirts with them and flatter them with compliments. If you let him know he is the one who you like the most, or flirt with him, he will more likely fall for you. As Lion represents their sun sign, if you try to criticize him or deflate his ego, there is no chance of moving ahead with this man. He likes getting compliments on his looks, his personality, or the way he dresses up. So, if you are trying to make a move with the man of this zodiac sign flatter him with compliments and flirty texts.

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4. Make him feel jealous

As he does not like the woman who he feels are easy to get, you should make him feel jealous at times. You should make him feel there are some other contenders on the way to get your attention. Meanwhile, in the process of making him jealous, don’t make him feel you are the ‘cheating-type’. If he feels so this will be the biggest turn-off, as he looks for the one-woman. But when he feels there is a competition to get to your doorstep, this will make him more passionate about you.

Make him jealous sometimes (Source: Her Norm)

5. Show him love and affection to Leo Man

Though the Leo man presents himself as a strong man, he is emotional and seeks for love. The man of this sign lives to present himself as the dominant one, however, he appreciates when you show him love and affection. He can be vulnerable at time and that is the time love and affection will make him feel better. When you show how much you love and care about him, it can be a little boost for his ego.

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