Cute Parenthood of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross; Couple revealed their most embarrassing parenting moment

Parenthood is the most lovely experience for the couple. The parenting things come with the happiness alongside the high responsibility. The same thing goes with the celebrity couple, Ashlee Simpson, and Evan RossAshlee and Evan are doing their best for the proper parenting for their child. Ashlee and Evan together are a parent of a 21-month old daughter Jagger. The couple has many moments of their parenting. As the parenting moment are very special in a person’s life. But some moments make a different space in the mind. This parent couple also has some moment which they shared. Recently, in the new interview with US Weekly, they shared the most embarrassing parenting moment.

Source: Daily Mail (Ashlee Simpson, and Evan Ross with their daughter )

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross shares the most embarrassing parenting moments  

Every parent has many memories of their parenthood to their child. The same way Ashlee and Evan also have some memories of their parenthood. The couple talked about their most embarrassing moment of their parenthood with US Weekly. Ashlee said:

“When you’re in the beginning of parenthood, there are so many embarrassing moments,”

She described the moment saying that they scrambled to change Jagger’s diaper while aboard an airplane. Furthermore, she explained the moment saying:

Source: Daily Mail ( Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross took their daughter Jagger to see Santa Clause)

“We were supposed to take the baby to the bathroom, but we thought we could do it really fast on the chair. We were trying to be sneaky, but the stewardess was like, ‘I’m sorry, but people are really unhappy about the fact that you’re [changing her diaper here].'”

Moreover, she added: 

“She was such a little baby. I didn’t want to have to go in [the bathroom]. She was like 4 months old. But no, it really isn’t OK and I do know that, but my sneakiness was really embarrassing. It wasn’t so sneaky.”

Source: Los Angeles Time (Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross)

Ross also explained that how they were afraid of potentially exposing Jagger to germs in the restroom. Followingly, he said:

“Bathrooms on the plane are so small. Where are you supposed to change a baby? … We were looking out for us,”

Simpson added:

“You don’t want your kid to get sick!”

Keeping the embarrassing moments sideway, Bronx and Jagger get along swimmingly. As like the parents, their daughter is also into the music. No doubt, she shares the genes of two great personalities. Evan told:

Source: PopSugar (Ashlee and Evan)

“It’s been incredible and we’re taking our time, but very soon you’ll be hearing something. We’re making this music inspired by our love and also our life.”

Wedding of Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross

The couple tied the knot on Sunday, Aug. 31, 2014. According to the source, the ceremony was held in Greenwich, Conn. at the estate of the groom’s famed mother, Diana Ross. Supremes singer organized the very big day for the couple. Ashlee wore a stunning, pearl-embellished long sleeved wedding dress. She paired her dress with the whopping $750,000-worth of Neil Lane rubies and diamonds and a tiara. In addition to her look, the bride wore her hair down in beachy waves.

Source: Celebuzz (Ashlee Simpson, and Evan Ross wedding)

Meanwhile, her groom sported a black velvet tux with a white silk trim. Her son the Bronx and her older sister Jessica Simpson brought the bride down the aisle. The bridesmaids wore heels from Jessica’s namesake line, and Ross’ half-sister Tracee Ellis Ross was the evening’s MC. Ashlee and her The Hunger Games: Mockingjay actor hubby added their own style to the evening, using dream catchers, eclectic touches, and a mix-and-match palette to create a Bohemian theme.

Source: PopSugar (The bride)

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