David Beador proposed to girlfriend Lesley just nine months after his divorce from Shannon Beador!

It was just nine months back that David Beador and RHOC star Shannon Beador completed the divorce formalities. And now David proposed to his girlfriend Lesley Cook and plans to marry her soon.

David Beador and Lesley Cook – engagement

The couple David Beador and Lesley Cook are engaged. On Thursday night 30 January 2020, Lesley posted on her Instagram Stories a pic of the two embracing each other. She captioned it:


She added:

“Today I said YES to the man of my dreams. You complete me!”

David and Lesley (Source: Page Six)

Additionally, Lesley uploaded a picture of shirtless David, 54. He was kissing the head of his new fiancee from behind. She also posted a smiling selfishness with David and showing off her sparkling new engagement ring. She wrote below:

Looking forward to eternity with my love, I LOVE YOU LOVE!!!”

The couple’s relationship timeline

The couple began dating in the year 2017. They met soon after David split from his wife,  Shannon, 55 after 17 years of married life. Their first meeting was at a SoulCycle class.

Shannon came to know about the new relationship of David from social media. She told once on the show RHOC:

“David and I communicate through text and email, and they aren’t pleasant,”

David and Lesley (Source: Hollywood Gossip)

She continued:

I found out two days after it was all over social media that David has a new girlfriend that is almost 20 years younger than him.”

It’s understandable that at some point he’s going to move on, but to know that I’m so easily replaceable within a couple months, it hurt and I cried a lot,”

“She’s one of 3,000 young girls that want some guy to take care of her.”

David Beador and his infidelity

In season 10 of the Bravo TV show, David had admitted that he had an extramarital affair and had cheated on Shannon even when he was, married to her. Tamra Judge reminded Shannon on the show about it. Tamra added that he had cheated her with this new girlfriend as well. Elaborating on it, she said:

He was commenting on her posts in October,”

“After I found out that David had a girlfriend, of course I started stalking [Lesley]. And I saw that they had been communicating as far back as maybe even when [David and Shannon] were married.”

David (Source: Pinterest)

Shannon self-consoled saying:

“It doesn’t matter. It’s over. It doesn’t matter,”

“I wouldn’t put it past him.”

Shannon was visibly upset after her divorce on the show and did not remove her wedding ring for quite some time. Besides, she would go into spells of crying and self-loathed for excess weight gain.

The new boyfriend of Shannon Beador

But soon, Shannon too came around and got fit after losing 40 pounds. She had a new boyfriend called John Janssen. She revealed:

“I kind of made a commitment to myself that I wasn’t gonna get involved with anyone because I know that with my age…”

“And I want to eventually have a partner, but I’m older. I kind of have one shot left, so I wasn’t gonna just jump into a relationship. That being said, I did meet John, and it was a surprise, and I had a connection and a comfort with him that I haven’t experienced with anyone before, so I’m really grateful that he’s in my life.”

They share three kids together – Sophie, 18, and twins Stella and Adeline, 15.

Short bio on David Beador

David Beador is a well-known television personality, entrepreneur and business owner of the United States of America. He came to fame after got married to Shannon Beador, but now they are divorced. His ex-wife, Shannon is a The Real Housewives of Orange County star. Because of his relationship news, he is always in the eyes of the media. More info… 

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