Delta Goodrem is on her way to dating English Singer Seal Amid.Any rumors on her other relationship!!!

The famous and talented pop princess Delta Goodrem was once criticized on her dressing sense and recently we got news that she is on her way to achieving English Singer Seal as her boyfriend and shut out all those rumors of actor boyfriend.

Let’s dig deep to know in deep about ones’ personal and professional life!!!

Her deep affection after being criticized

As Delta was heavily criticized on her looks during an appearance on The Voice this season and that criticism affect her deeply. During an interview with The Herald Sun on Sunday, Seal said-

“She is perhaps the most professional musician I have ever met. Needless to say she is incredibly talented and her work ethic and her understanding of her craft is incredible and I sit there in awe, sometimes, watching her work.I don’t know if Australia really gets to see that a lot, of how hard she works and how good she is from a musician’s perspective.”

Seal added-

“I think the difference in Delta perhaps, or our dynamic, from four years ago to now is that I find myself learning from her. I watch her work and I watch her coach and I find myself learning from her. I think she is a better coach than she ever was now. I think that she cares as much as any of us.”


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Are Seal and Delta in a relationship?

According to the insiders and other sources, we came to know that Seal and Delta are in the relationship. It is known when The fifty-four-year-old Seal described their romantic link by using the word “L” and this word is as he gave the clue to their relationship to the world. The news about their romance rumors swirled when Seal’s co-star joked ‘Oh Seal, don’t be jealous,’ when a contestant named Tim Conlon attempted to give a rose to Delta during the blind audition. She once revealed that she wanted to be pregnant (wanted to be a mother) as she adorably loves kids but she is yet to be married. Though he has multiple boyfriends which whom she had had romantic dates.


Something about her professional life

She is really passionate towards singing and she then revealed her passion for singing something in this way:

“I love the experience of seeing the live performance through their eyes for the first time. It reminds me of my first big performances earlier on in my career”

Again, she elaborated:

“That feeling kind of goes back into you … you go ‘I know what this feels like’ … you go back into your memory and ask ‘What would I have needed to know now?’ It’s fun to teach them,” the singer and actor said.

Moreover, she said:

“We’re all artists who have fought on the charts in our individual moments of music. We’ve all had to go out there and go to No 1. So I think we’ve all got that in us. This is George and Kelly’s first season with us so we will really see the competition and where everybody lies with it as the series goes on. But truthfully the four of us are quite relaxed, and we’re united and have fun.”

Thanking the audiences who admired her, she said:

“I just stay true to what I do and I feel like you always want to get better in any way. I’m always studying myself saying I could do this better or I’m proud of that. But at the same time I definitely feel like it’s been a home here and I’ve been part of this for six years now. I love making TV. It’s a lot of fun. I feel very thankful for the audience. I really do.”


Update on their relationship

Delta stated in April 2018 that she and Seal share a great bond and there is no romance but only a friendship between the two. The two speed dial each other when in trouble.

Short Bio on Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem is an Australian singer-songwriter and actress. She is best known for her hit debut album Innocent Eyes (2003), which topped the ARIA Albums Chart for an all-time. Her debut album became one of the highest-selling albums in Australian history. Goodrem has sold over eight million albums globally and won three World Music Awards. More Bio…