Delve In To Know About Some Of The Words That You Must Avoid If You want To Save Your Marriage

Words can play a powerful role in one’s life and marriages are no exception. Based on their use, the words can cut you, heal you, inspire you, and stop you from certain actions. Learning the language of marriage takes time and diligence, but there are some words whose regular use may eventually cause irreparable damage.

Source: Family Wise Magazine (Love themed rings)
Source: Family Wise Magazine (Love themed rings)

Huffington Post came up with five of such words that are destined to cause damage to your marriage.


The first word in the list, ‘never’ implies a sense of despondency and finality. When you are using the word ‘never,’ you are telling your spouse that they are no good, will never be any good and that there is no any hope for change.


The second word in the list is ‘always’. It means a sense of stiffness and rectitude. When you are using ‘always,’ you are basically telling your spouse that they are wrong you are right, and that there is nothing that can be done about it.

It is also an all-or-nothing phrase and does not impart itself to indulgence, learning, or healing.

Source: the Spruce (Marriage Theme)
Source: the Spruce (Marriage Theme)


The third one is ‘but’. This word entails a sense of exploitation and a lack of veracity. When you use ‘but,’ you are negating whatever was said before that word. Apart from quashing your message, it turns a positive statement into a negative one.

The word ‘but’ is a conjunction that does not lend itself to building reliance, trustworthiness, and intimacy. Similar conjunctive words to avoid include ‘however’ and ‘although’ as well.


The fourth one: ‘*#**@&’. Using your imagination, fill in the blanks for this word. What you get is eventually a vulgar and indecency-laced attack. Anyway, you look at it, assaulting your spouse by name-calling this phrase or word will cause ultimately irrevocable damage to your married life.

Source: Trend-Chaser's (Just Married Couple)
Source: Trend-Chaser’s (Just Married Couple)

Doing this in a regular manner will surely destroy your spouse’s soul and ultimately kill your marriage. And an outright condescension has no place in a marriage.


Finally, the last of these words is ‘divorce’. Threatening to a divorce, suggesting divorce as an option, or accusing your spouse of destroying the marriage will just eventually lead to that.

A divorce is a very serious decision, and using it as a weapon or a method of control to your spouse will create anxiety and despair. Likewise, it is also not conducive for effective communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving, or intimacy.

Article Courtesy: The Himalayan Times