Denise Nickerson is showing signs of improvement after her massive near-fatal stroke which left her unable to walk and talk!

Denise Nickerson is showing signs of improvement after her massive near-fatal stroke which left her unable to walk and talk!
  • American actress Denise Nickerson had shown a drastic improvement after she suffered a near-fatal massive stroke this June, Radar Online revealed.

However, she is no more, she passed away on 10 July 2019, at the age of 62. Continue reading…

Denise Nickerson shows signs of improvement

Radar Online found the news that Denise who had a stroke one and a half months back is recovering. Her daughter-in-law, Jasmine told Radar Online that Denise has been discharged from the hospital and is at home. She was also in good spirits.

Jasmine said:

“Denise was supposed to be in a nursing center but she wasn’t cooperative. She wanted to be home so doctors allowed that and she’s here with us.”  

Source: Flickr (Denise)

Denise was gradually making positive progress and is recuperating. Jasmine added:

“She can walk but only for a few minutes.”

She disclosed that Denise took steps between her bedroom and the bath. She also used the restroom now and also said a few words including ‘I Love You’, ‘hello’, and also wishes ‘Good Morning’. She was unable to write anything since her right hand was still weak.

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Jasmine further updated:

“She comprehends everything that’s going on now and that’s the best part.”

Denise Nickerson and her stroke

Denise, 62 suffered a massive stroke in late June. She was critical and in the intensive care unit. Her son said:

“She can’t walk. She can’t talk.”

She was inserted with a pacemaker and was also fed through a feeding tube into her stomach.

Her son Josh and daughter-in-law Jasmine had set up a Facebook page with a plea for fundraising for the family. She also underwent an emergency procedure to lessen the effect of the stroke on her brain and body.

Source: TMZ (Denise as Violet)

It had been reported that after the pacemaker was put into her body, she became agitated. Jasmine had written on Facebook on 8 July:

“They had to move her to a room where they can monitor her more closely. She pulled out her feeding tube and has been trying to fully climb out of bed. Her lung collapsed. They just discovered in the last few hours so they are putting a tube in to reinflate it. A rough day so far. Mom and Josh have been up with her today. I’m home-sick with a small cold and trying not to worry.”

But the whole family was worried that Denise was so critical that she would never be able to leave the hospital.

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Denise Nickerson and her career

Source: IMDb (Denise in Smile in 1975)

Denise shot to fame with her role in Dark Shadows. When she was 13, she appeared in the famous role of Violet in the hit film 1971 called Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. She later did a number of TV shows such as Search for Tomorrow, The Brady Bunch, Dark Shadows, and The Electric Company.

Denise was last seen in front of the camera in Zero to Sixty in the year 1978 when she was 21.

Source; Fox News (Denise)

She then worked for nearly 35 years in the medical billing department. After this job, she was in aerospace accounting and due to her disability in 2012 retired.


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