Diana Ross celebrates her 75th birthday at the Grammys! Her grandson Raif-Henok steals the show!

Diana Ross celebrates her 75th birthday at the Grammys! Her grandson Raif-Henok steals the show!

American singer Diana Ross will be 75 years old this March. She celebrated her birthday early this year. It was during the Grammys night this Sunday and her grandson got the honor to introduce his famous grandmother. And the young boy wowed the audience!

Diana Ross’ grandson steals the show

Motown legend Diana Ross was celebrating her 75th birthday at the Grammy Awards function. Her 9-year-old grandson Raif-Henok Emmanuel Kendrick got the opportunity to introduce his grandmother to the esteemed gathering.

Source: Fox News (Raif-Henok)

The young lad charmed the audience the moment he went up to the stage. The host on the occasion Alicia Keys called him on stage and described him as a ‘distinguished little guy’. On hearing this, Raif-Henok asked:

“Did she say ‘little guy’?”

He further added:

“I’m almost 4-foot-9!”

Raif-Henok praises his grandmother

Raif-Henok was all praises for his grandmother. He talked about her independence and uniqueness. The youngster said:

“She has shown the world that nothing is beyond our reach.”

He said:

“So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my grandmommy, Diana Ross!”

Raif-Henok’s speech was impactful and liked by all! He is an adorable kid and stole the evening show!

Source: People (Diana)

Raif-Henok is the son of Diana Ross’ daughter, Rhonda Ross. Rhonda’s father was Motown Records founder Berry Gordy.

Diana sang a moving medley and her audience was overwhelmed! It was her special birthday performance.

Diana Ross and the film on her life

Diana’s actual birthday falls on 26 March. To mark the occasion, a film on her life is coming to the cinemas for one night only. It is titled Diana Ross: Her life, Love and Legacy. The film contains some never-before-seen footage about her life and career! It also has some exclusive footage of her historical Central Park Concert of 1983.

This concert is the most important event in the music and entertainment industry. Halfway through the event, there was a strong storm which hit the show. But Diana Ross did not halt and continued with her performance until the concert was brought to a standstill.

Source: Popsugar (Diana Ross and her family)

Diana promised her fans that she would return once the storm settles. And she kept her promise and was back at the Park the next day to complete her left work. Diana Ross spoke of this event:

“I envisioned a dream and that’s what I created over those two days in Central Park. I picked a goal, and then imagined all the details and I believe imagination is magical, that we can think of something and bring it into being.”

The other contents of the film on Diana Ross’ life

Besides the concert clippings, the film also has footage and messages from the Ross family. Her sons Ross Naess and Evan Ross, daughters Rhonda Ross Kendrick and Chudney Ross, and also Tracey Ellis Ross all talk lovingly of Diana. The film’ director is award-winning Steve Binder. It is produced by music and media producer Spencer Proffer. Diana is the executive producer for this movie.

The CEO of CinEvents Joe Evea said

“We are thrilled to partner with Fathom & Meteor 17 to bring such an iconic concert experience to cinemas across the UK and selected European territories, in celebration of Diana’s 75th birthday,”

Short Bio on Diana Ross

Diana Ross is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She rose to fame as the lead singer of the vocal group the Supremes. Additionally, after her departure from the Supremes in 1970, she had a successful solo career. More Bio…

Source: Mirror UK, Huffington Post