Dinky One, the new dating app for men with small penises! Surprisingly, it had 33k signups in 2 days!

Dinky One, the new dating app for men with small penises! Surprisingly, it had 33k signups in 2 days!

The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged people to go for online dating. And hence techies are making dating apps suitable for specific groups of people. The latest niche that one group of researchers discovered was to have a dating app for men with small penises. They have named it Dinky One. And surprisingly, more than 30k registrations were seen in 2 days time.

Dinky One, the new dating app for men with small penises

A new dating app has been launched in the UK called Dinky One. It caters to men who are less well endowed and have small penises. It is meant for such men and for men and women who want to date them. The makers of the app had contemplated that there might be scope for such an app. But who knew that it would become popular so soon? Yes, in just two days, there were 30k registrations on this site.

Dinky One [Source: Dating News]
The website of Dinky One reads:

“Don’t forget that the average size means that 50 per cent of the males in the world are bigger and 50 per cent are smaller,”

It continues:

“Therefore, 50 per cent of people who are in a relationship have a smaller than average size penis. This means that a smaller penis is not a barrier to dating or having a relationship.”

The app user responses

The dating app Dinky One was launched in March 2020. And the creators of this app reveal that 33000 users signed up for this app in just 2 days after the launch. And about 20% of these men were gay or bisexual. The site is free and open for people of all genders and sexual inclinations.

Dinky One [Source: Daily Mirror]
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The founders of the dating app stated that their users are signing up after societal pressures. Besides, each user who signed up for the app had his or her own experience about sexual intercourse. A woman named Z and aged 28 said that she has willingly signed up for the app since she wants to date a man with a small penis. The woman added that it hurt when she dated men with big penises. She said:

“I find sex painful with a man bigger than 10cm and in the past have had to resort to oral but miss that close intimacy of sex. I can hardly ask a new potential partner when dating about their size, and that may be exaggerated anyway!”

Responses of more users of this app

Another user aged 36 who is a male said that dating has been hard for him due to his small penis. He explained:

“A lot of my mates found their partners from friends of friends or via work. Imagine the situation when one of these relationships fails, she’s likely to mention my size to her friends and then gossip spreads,”

Dinky One [Source: Oddity Central]
Hence, he said that it is better to date online through this new app because the prospective partner will be aware of it in advance. David Minns, the founder of Dinky One said:

“There’s pressure on all genders to conform to ideals set by TV, film and even porn. The adult entertainment industry only casts males with well over average-sized penises,”

He elaborated:

“In addition, adverts on major porn sites advertise dubious products to increase penis size. All of this makes a man already insecure about his size even more self-conscious.

“Some men are big, some average and some below average. Dinky One lets smaller men date people outside their circle of friends with the safety that everyone using the site is fully aware. Members can focus on shared interests and get on with dating.”