Director Matt Reeves Confirms The Batman Is Starting Over From Scratch; Fans Concerns About The Future Of Deathstroke In DCEU

Recently, director Matt Reeves went on to confirm that the proposed The Batman will be started over from a scratch. In this session, we will look into the confirmation from the director and some backdrop into the matter.

Backdrop Into The Batman Reports

It has already been months since Ben Affleck stunned the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) fans by stepping down as the director of the proposed The Batman movie.

The movie was then left hanging for some time with various names attached to it before Matt Reeves could step in.

Source: (Reeves confirms The Batman is starting over from scratch)
Source: (Reeves confirms The Batman is starting over from scratch)

And now, Reeves is reportedly starting to think about The Batman project as his commitment to War for the Planet of The Apes is done. It means that he needs to think up a whole new story.

Confirmation From Matt Reeves

Recently, MTV caught Reeves for a lengthy interview on its Happy Sad Confused podcast. Reeves talked at length about his approach to filmmaking and his tenure with Planet of the Apes before turning to The Batman.

While he didn’t say much, he did confirm his take on The Batman will move away from the original script penned by Affleck and Geoff Johns.


Reeves explained,

“It’s a new story. It’s just starting again. I’m excited about it. I think it’s going to be really cool.”

Reeves On Josh Gad’s Teasing

Later, he was also asked if he has approached anyone about casting for the project. MTV’s Josh Horowitz also brought up Josh Gad’s on-going teases about playing the Penguin in the DCEU. Reeves, however, said nothing like that has happened.

Source: Cosmic Book News (Josh Gad has been constantly teasing about the possible portrayal of Penguin)
Source: Cosmic Book News (Josh Gad has been constantly teasing about the possible portrayal of Penguin)

“No, no, no. The whole thing is just; Truly, I’ve not been doing anything other than working on Planet for the Apes,”

he explained.

How Reeves Came Up To The Batman?

The interview also delved into how Reeves came to be acquainted with Warner Bros. about The Batman project. He said that the studio had told him that they wanted to meet with him about a ‘general‘ project.

So, Reeves took his time accepting given his Planet of the Apes gig. After Reeves learned the nature of the project, however, he said he managed some time to meet with the studio. When he did meet with the studio, Reeves said he made a few things clear.

Source: Movie Pilot (A fan-made poster for The Batman)
Source: Movie Pilot (A fan-made poster for The Batman)

“Not only did I say this is the perspective where I want to come which is a personal perspective, but I also said this: I’m not free. I cannot start on this [right now]. I’m working on a movie I’ve been on for three years, and I’m certainly not going to drop the ball now.”

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Concern Over The Original Script

For now, it looks like Matt is just starting to carve out his plan for The Batman project. While there is no telling how The Batman may go on to change in the future, the fans have been quick to enunciate their most powerful concern: future of the character of Deathstroke.

Source: YouTube (A still from Joe Manganiello's test footage as Deathstoke)
Source: YouTube (A still from Joe Manganiello’s test footage as Deathstroke)

Before Affleck exited the movie, Joe Manganiello was cast to play the villain Deathstroke. If Reeves does choose to move away from the villain, then Manganiello may not even get a chance to suit up properly as the villain in the DCEU. And as for the fans, this loss would be a hard one to accept at this point.

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