Divorce: When do couples know that it is coming? Reddit users share their stories and answers!

Divorce: When do couples know that it is coming? Reddit users share their stories and answers!

Divorce is a painful point of marriage! Romantic couples are often devastated when they have to end their married life! The reasons for this are multiple. But mainly it happens when the couples no more enjoy happiness in their relationship and become incompatible with each other over time!

What started as a joyous event ends in misery! Redditor u/wimpyhunter asked the Reddit users and divorcees a question. When did they realize that divorce was heading their way? There were nearly 2200 varied and emotionally strong answers. Read on to know them.

Reddit question -a perfect one on divorce

Redditor u/wimpyhunter asked:

“Divorcees of Reddit, when did you know your marriage was over?”

And the answers were outright reactionary and varied. One male Reddit user wrote:

“When I would go down in the basement and pretend to do laundry to get time by myself away from her,”

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And there was another user called u/DataPlenty who wrote her experience. She narrated:

“Medical issue. Hemorrhaged all over the bathroom floor. He was at work, I didn’t bother calling because I knew he wouldn’t bother coming home,”

She continued:

“When I did tell him later that day, I might as well have told him I’d had a minor headache for all the interest he showed. Yep. I’m much better now.”

Therefore, when a married life becomes loveless, it is time for a divorce.

More reasons for divorce

There was another female Reddit user called u/imaginaryfriendgirl who wrote about her bitter experience with her husband after her double mastectomy. She explained:

“When after my double mastectomy the doctor recommended that we sleep in separate beds for 6 weeks so I could heal,”

“After the six weeks, I said I was going to sleep in the master with him and he told me not to bother since I wasn’t really a woman anymore. We’d been married less than a year.”

It is rather sad to hear and learn that this marriage was all about sex and body and no love.

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Infidelity stories and more…

There were a lot of answers which talked about being cheated in marriage. A male Reddit user named u/Banluil wrote:

“When I came home early from a field problem in the Army and found another guy in my bed…”

There was another heartbroken husband named u/Koma79 who recalled:

“My wife wanted a break, so I moved out. I came back to collect some items, and I found there were a couple of condoms in the trash. Honestly, she did me a favor,”

Many felt that they felt that it was difficult to stay together for the kids. Instead, they preferred to separate for the benefit of the kids. u/Shades_Janae elaborated:

When she began screaming at our 3-year-old son to shut up. I was willing to take her abuse. I couldn’t stomach her doing it to our son,”

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u/Dysteech stated:

“I knew it was time to split when my oldest daughter asked me why daddy and I hated each other. I didn’t think our problems affected her up until that point and I knew I couldn’t let her grow up in that kind of home.”

One woman called her husband by her brother’s name. And there was a husband who gave away his wife’s horse due to sheer jealousy. Tolstoy had said:

“Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

It is so true here!

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