Don Felder and his fiancee of few months, Diane McInerney split!

Don Felder and his fiancee of few months, Diane McInerney split!

Musician Don Felder is single once again! He was dating his girlfriend Diane McInerney and had also proposed to her just a few months ago. She had said YES. But now there are reports that state that Diane has called off her engagement to Don.

Don Felder and Diane McInerney split

The Eagles musician Don Felder, 73 has split from his fiancee anchor Diane McInerney, 49. TMZ has reported on this split. The publication added that it was not the wide age gap of 24 years that led to the split of the couple. Rather, the breakup occurred because the two had a long-distance relationship. Hence, they were finding it difficult to spend quality time with each other. The guitarist was in California while Diane was in New York City.

Don with Diane [Source: Daily Mail UK]
She has a daughter from a previous relationship and had to be with her during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the two decided to call time on their relationship. Hence, she called off her engagement to Don. The long-distance relationship had become more of a challenge for the couple. But the split has been amicable with no bad blood between the two ex-lovers.

A source revealed:

“Diane will always love Don and they’re still keeping in touch. Don even sent Diane three dozen pink roses last month for her birthday.”

They broke up in August 2020.

The relationship timeline of the couple

Don Felder and Diane McInerney have been dating now for the past two years. And it was in January 2020 that Don popped the question to Diane and she accepted his marriage proposal. This happened when they were taking a stroll in the sunset in Malibu in California.

After that, things seemed to be going well. But then, COVID-19 pandemic struck the world. Everyone’s lives were disrupted. Schools, colleges, malls, business establishments, travel, transportation everything was shut.

Diane and Don-engagement [Source: TMZ]
In these circumstances, mother Diane had to fulfil her responsibilities towards her daughter. And she had to stay with her. Besides, she could not meet Don for many months due to the lack of safe transport between the two regions. All this led to challenges and hence they amicably decided to break up.

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Previous relationships of Don

Don was earlier married to Susan Pickersgill. But the two divorced in 2000. They have four children together. Talking about his divorce in 2019, Don said that his busy schedules and non-stop tours led to the demise of his marriage to Susan. In his interview to The Big Issue, he said:

“I think my wife and I would still be together today if the band hadn’t been on the road between 10 and 11 months a year,”

Don with ex-wife Susan [Source: Married Celeb]
Further, he added:

“When you’re away all the time, and every room is an empty hotel room, and there’s a lot of partying going on it’s easy to forget what’s going on at home. All sorts of things can happen on the road. I don’t use that as an excuse – I accept I did that, and I suffered the consequences. I deserve everything that happened to me.”

“And sadly, my children grew up with mostly an absentee father. When the band broke up, I tried to make up for that. I made a solo record but I didn’t tour. I stayed at home, I became the school soccer coach. And I felt I owed them that time.”