Don Imus; wining the battle of Cancer, Married Twice and enjoying the life ahead!! All about his career and People’s reaction on him being Racist!!!

Don Imus; wining the battle of Cancer, Married Twice and enjoying the life ahead!! All about his career and People’s reaction on him being Racist!!!
  • Don Imus is an American radio host, humorist, landscape photographer, philanthropist, and writer.
  • He has worked in many places and has gathered many experiences.
  • He has his own shows nationally-syndicated talk show, Imus in the Morning, which is broadcast throughout the United States by Cumulus Media Networks and he is the former TV personality of Fox Business Network gig.

Relation status

Don is the married man. He has been married twice but the first marriage was not that successful. He is now married to Deirdre Coleman since December 17, 1994.

Deirdre is an amazing intellectual author and her books have been very successful all over the world. The couple was dating each other before they decide to take their relationship to the next level.

Source: cbslocal
Source: cbslocal (Don Imus)

Both are very happy with the relationship and are deeply in love with each other. There is no sign of divorce. They are still going strong unlike the first one and let’s hope it gets stronger over the years. The couple has one son named Frederick Wyatt Imus.

His previous Marriage

Previously Don was married to Harriet Showalter. They were also first dating in the year 1969 and in the same year they decided to marry. The couple tied their knot on 25th July 1969 and vowed to stay together.

The couple was blessed with three children from their marriage and two of them are daughters named Ashley and Elizabeth. They are also the grandparents of three grandchildren.

Two from Elizabeth and one from Ashley and a son whose name is Tony Imus. Later they got divorced in 1979 and Don adopted his two daughters.

source: likesucess
source: likesucess (Don Imus with wife)

Don Imus being Racist

Controversial radio personality Don Imus has found himself in the middle of another scandal involving potentially racist remarks after discussing the many arrests of suspended Dallas Cowboys star Adam “Pacman” Jones.

“What color is he?”

asked Imus, who was fired last year by CBS after his comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team, to his co-host.

Upon learning that Pacman Jones is, in fact, African-American, Imus succinctly replied:

“Well, there you go. Now we know.”

After incurring much criticism over the comment, which many views as racist, Don Imus said on Tuesday that he was trying to,

“make a sarcastic point … What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason. I mean, there’s no reason to arrest this kid six times.”

Don Imus was fired by CBS last year after he referred to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hos.” Snoop Dogg was not happy.

He was retired after eight months. WABC, the station that broadcasts the show, said Don Imus will explain his comments.

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Don Imus on Battling Cancer

Source: mydailynews
Source: mydailynews (Don Imus)

Don was found with stage II prostate cancer which he announced on his show. When he was age 68 (2009), he found out he had cancer and was battling since then.

About cancer he said-

“The day you find out is fine,”

he said.

“But the next morning when you get up, your knees are shaking. I didn’t think I could make it work.”

Still, he said he expects to make a full recovery.

“I don’t want to have a great arrogance about it, but I have great doctors. I’ll be fine. And if I’m not fine, it’s no big deal. The prognosis couldn’t be better.”

Update 2022

Don Imus is stable at present and has survived prostate cancer. Doctors had put his chances of survival at 87% which is relatively a good one.

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Who is Don Imus?

Don Imus is an American radio host, humorist, landscape photographer. He has also established himself as a famous philanthropist and writer. He is best known as the host of Imus in the Morning – See more at…