Politics vs Truth! Donald Trump contradicts a nurse over PPE on National Nurse Day Celebration!

Nurses and doctors are at the forefront in fighting against the deadly coronavirus. But they require personal protective equipment [PPE] in adequate amounts in order for them to do their duties properly and safely. But even in developed countries like the USA, this has not been seen. And when a nurse pointed this unavailability of PPE during a celebration to honor the nurses, US President Donald Trump played politics and challenged her.

President Donald Trump contradicts a nurse

It was rather rude on the part of USA President Donald Trump to make an untrue statement when a nurse he was honoring spoke the truth at the ground level as regards availability of PPE for them. The day was National Nurse Day and a celebration was ongoing at the Oval Office on Wednesday 6 May 2020. Some nurses were honored for their great contribution as forefront warriors during the current pandemic of coronavirus.

Donald Trump and the nurse (Source: Daily Mail UK)

When one of the nurses spoke about the insufficient availability of PPE such as face masks, Donald Trump immediately contradicted her and said:

Sporadic for you but not sporadic for a lot of other people,”

“Because I’ve heard the opposite. I have heard that they are loaded up with gowns now. We had empty shelves and empty nothing because it wasn’t put there by the last administration.”

Sophia L. Thomas and her first-hand experience

Sophia L. Thomas is the president of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. Additionally, she works as a nurse at a community health center in New Orleans. At the meet in the Oval Office, a reporter asked the assembled nurse and especially Sophia whether she was happy with the PPE supplies available for them during this pandemic. And Sophia truthfully said:

I think it’s sporadic,”

“I mean, I talk to my colleagues around the country. Certainly, there are pockets around the country where PPE is not ideal, but this is an unprecedented time.”

Donald and the nurse (Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

She added:

“The infection control measures that we learned back when we went to school, one gown and one mask for one patient per day — this is a different time,”

Sophia revealed that she has been reusing her single N95 mask for a few weeks now with intermittent washing. She stated:

PPE has been sporadic, but it’s been manageable. And we do what we have to do. We are nurses and we learn to adapt and do whatever we can do for our patients to get the job done and the care provided, and that’s what we will continue to do as Covid-19 continues.”

The facts about PPE

It is not hidden that PPE has been in shortage during this overwhelming pandemic. The demand has been high but the supply has been limited and unable to cope up with the demand. The White House has tried to increase the supply of face masks and gowns during the current pandemic but there have been shortcomings in many respects.

Donald Trump (Source: CNN)

The people and nurses worldwide feel that the response of Donald Trump was not an expected one. It was rather inconsiderate for him to talk so. They feel that instead of clapping for them, White House should see to it that the PPE is available to the nurses and doctors in adequate numbers. The doctors and nurses feel that they call them ‘Heroes’ and want them to die as ‘Heroes’ due to a lack of adequate quantity of PPE.

Source: CNN