Donni Davy Launches her own makeup line named Half Magic!

Donni Davy Launches her own makeup line named Half Magic!
Donni Davy is an Emmy winning makeup artist. source: People
  • Donni Davy is going environment-friendly with her new makeup products.
  • The Euphoria famous makeup artist launched her very own makeup brand where products are priced between $10 to $26.
  • The artist revealed that she draws much of her inspiration from TikTok and Instagram.

Donni Davy- breathtaking Euphoria looks are ruling the internet

Euphoria was a big hit among its viewers. The star cast, story, and the performances of every character were nicely done. If there is one thing people could not stop talking about, it was the bold makeup of the characters in the show.

The star behind the creativity was a makeup artist, Donni Davy. Born in Venice, Los Angeles Doniella Davy started working as a makeup artist early in life and she is also now the head artist of the film/Tv department.

Donna Davy’s colorful makeup creation in the hit series Euphoria became an instant hit. source: vogue

It was never until Euphoria that she decided to be in the entertainment industry. Davy also won an Emmy for her outstanding Contemporary Makeup for Euphoria.

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Davy said she takes a lot of inspiration from the internet. source: People

Donni was a Pratt institute graduate who wanted to create a career in photography. In an interview, she revealed that makeup was never her career option.

She said:

“I wasn’t really trying to become a makeup artist. It wasn’t a lifelong dream of mine. I didn’t even know what [a] film and TV makeup artist entailed. I thought it was all just monster makeup.”

What does Donna Davy have to say about her new makeup line?

Davy has spent a decade-long career in the industry. Apart from Euphoria, she has worked on Moonlight and The Underground Railroad and now her makeup is so famous among the netizens, that she is ready to bring her own products to the market with her debut brand Half Magic.

Excited to launch her own brand, Davy could not stop gushing about her beloved products. She said:

”Half Magic is a collection of colorful face gems, glitter, lipsticks and easy-to-use tools meant to bring out the magic in everyone. I want it to be fun, inviting, not intimidating and just kind of a refreshing way to use makeup…,”

Donni announced the launch of her new line through her Instagram account. source: Instagram

In a magazine interview, Donni said that launching makeup was not her plan. She said:

“No, because similarly to how I got into makeup, it was sort of on a whim, and I just kind of rode that wave and showed up and did the work and kept doing it. It was sort of this natural opportunity that seemed to come right after the Euphoria season one makeup got into the world.”

She further added:

”And I knew that if I wanted to do it I would really want to be hardcore about it. I would want to build the brand from the bottom up.”

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