Dr Strange Actress Zara Phythian Who was Jailed for Sexually Abusing a Minor is now a Prison Cleaner!

Zara Phythian and Husband Victor Marke are Guilty of Sexual Abuse!
Zara and her husband Victor are declared guilty by the court in regards to sexual abuse. Source: BBC
  • Zara Phythian, who appeared in Dr. Strange is spending her eight-year sentence in prison.
  • The actress and her husband Victor Marke sexually, and emotionally abused the 13-year-old girl for years.
  • The actress is now cleaning the prison where she’s staying.

Zara Phythian went from Marvel movies to cleaning the prison

Zara Phythian, who worked in Marvel films is now serving her time in prison for sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl. Now, behind the bars, she has become a jail cleaner.

Few recognize her for appearing in the 2016 movie Doctor Strange alongside Benedict Cumberbatch for her small role in the movie.

After being guilty of the sexual abuse, she enrolled in an industrial cleaning course and hopes that it will get her a job when she comes out of prison eight years later.

Earlier this year, Phythian, alongside her husband Victor Marke was sentenced to prison for a different number of years for abusing the unidentified teenager who is now a mother.

zara phythian
Zara now got a job cleaning the prison. source: Daily Mail

The sexual, mental, and emotional abuse went on for years when the young girl was between the ages of 13 and 15.

Pythian is now serving her jail time at Foston Hall Prison in Derbyshire. Her dad, Andy, visits her twice each month.

When asked about how  his daughter’s coping with her new life, Andy revealed:

”She’s coping surprisingly well. They’ve put her on an industrial cleaning course.”

”If you did it on the outside it would cost you £5,000 to get the certification. A chosen few are selected to help reflect their good behaviour.

‘Hopefully it will come in useful when she gets out.’

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Zara will complete her degree from prison this month

While Zara’s sentence will end in 8 years, her hubby Marke,  59, received 14 years in prison for abusing the same victim plus indecently assaulting a second girl.

Marke, who was a martial arts master, forced the girl to drink rum before making her perform a sex act.

The couple would abuse the girl once or twice a month at their residence for over 3-years starting in 2005.

Phythian’s sentence was lesser because the judge, during her sentencing said that it was her husband’s deviance that influenced her to perform such acts.

Marke, the disgraced athlete, had sex with the schoolgirl about 20 times on various occasions.

Zara’s father believes that his daughter was groomed by her husband.

zara phythian
Zara Phythian is sentenced to 8 years while her husband faces 14 years of imprisonment. source: BBC

He  added:

‘Zara accepts her situation and is just ­trying to do the right thing while she serves her sentence.

‘She’s got a job in the gym where she trains and teaches yoga and self-defence ­classes.

‘New inmates who don’t know her think she works with the prison, but she has to explain to them that she is a prisoner herself.

‘I think it is the polite way she talks and comes over as educated.’

Mr. Phythian also noted that his daughter is planning to complete her sports science degree from prison soon.

Zara had a lot of grief when she first entered the prison but is now coping with her days really well.

During the hearing, while  Zara claimed that she was innocent, Victor cried uncontrollably as he knew what his fate would be.

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