A drug dealer reveals that the late granddaughter of Robert Kennedy, Saoirse Kennedy Hill used to buy drugs from a Kennedy cousin’s house!

Saoirse Kennedy Hill, the granddaughter of Robert Kennedy died on 1 August 2019 at age 22 due to an apparent drug overdose. A drug dealer spoke to Radar Online exclusively and told that Saoirse used to purchase drugs from a house owned by the Kennedy family. She was, more comfortable getting hold of that substance from a house she was familiar with. The full story here…

Saoirse Kennedy Hill and her drug quota

The granddaughter of Robert Kennedy Saoirse got hooked to drugs early in life. But what came up as a surprise for everyone was that Saoirse used to purchase her quota of drugs from a house which was owned by a corporation which Kennedy cousin Robert Shriver III managed. Saoirse Kennedy Hill felt it better to get the drugs from a place she was familiar with. This easy access to the forbidden drugs led to a quick downward spiral for her, a drug dealer told Radar Online. The source said:

“Drug use was something the Kennedy girl had started to dabble in, but it unfortunately reached the point where she became a full-blown addict,” 

Source; The Times [Saoirse]
The dealer added that she had bought the drugs from a house in Hyannis Port, Mass. The police had raided this house in 2017 and seized $40,000 worth of fentanyl from there. The elders in neither the Kennedy family nor the Hill family were aware of the illegal drug activity in their premises until the raid in 2017.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill and her death

Saoirse was the only daughter of RFK’s daughter Courtney and husband Paul Hill. Her close ones found her linoleum and unconscious at her grandmother’s (Ethel Kennedy) house on 1 August 2019. She was only 22 and drug overdose was considered as the likely cause of her death.

The drug dealer feels that Saoirse had most probably taken the powerful drug fentanyl along with the prescription medications like clozapine or Ativan. This combination effect might have affected her respiratory system causing her death.

Source: CBS News [Saoirse]
The source said:

“[The drug bosses] were selling drugs on the [Shriver] property thinking it was safe. Saoirse didn’t fit the description of someone who would go to dealers in the hood. She felt safer getting her drugs from her own relative’s house, but it doesn’t matter where you buy them. They’re deadly drugs.”

Saoirse was also dealing with suicidal thoughts and heartbreak before her death. She had written in 2016:

“Someone I knew and loved broke serious sexual boundaries with me.”

The 2017 raid and seizure of drugs

In 2017, the police raided the property owned by Kennedy cousin Robert Shriver III. They discovered these drugs valued at $ 40k. And also recovered 0.4 pounds of fentanyl on the property which the dealers hid in the private beach. The police arrested Trevor Gonsalves-Rose and Troy Monteiro. They also took into custody Monteiro’s girlfriend, Ariel Prices Perry. She had tried to destroy evidence related to the illegal activity.

Source: Pinterest [Kennedy House and the cousin]
Besides, these three, the police also arrested the compound’s caretaker, Kadi Kannally, 44. He had allowed the activity to be carried out on the property. They all were charged and sentenced to prison.

After their house raid, Saoirse found another dealer using her connections. The dealer revealed:

“Once you deal with one dealer, it wouldn’t have been hard for her to find another. This is a very small community. It’s not New York City or Boston — it’s Cape Cod. She was a drug user. Birds of a feather flock together.”

Source: radaronline.com