Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles – her net worth and life story!

Duchess of Cornwall,  Camilla Parker Bowles – her net worth and life story!

Camilla Parker Bowles, the current wife of Prince Charles, has a huge net worth. And this is bound to increase after her husband Charles becomes the King of England. But she had a great net worth even before she wed Prince Charles and became the Duchess of Cornwall. Let us get into the details of her finances!

Camilla Parker Bowles-the third person

Camilla Parker Bowles had an affair with Prince Charles before he married Princess Diana. This affair continued even after the wedding of Princess Diana and Charles. Diana had dubbed her as the third person. She had said that there was also this third person in her wedding to Charles. After the death of Princess Diana, Charles got a clear way to get more close to Camilla. They then married and are now husband and wife.

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Camilla Parker Bowles and her net worth

Camilla belonged to an affluent family. She had a wealthy upbringing. Besides, she had ties with the royal household for many years. And now she is married to the next King of England. The 2019 figure for her estimated net worth is $ 5 million.

This may appear small if we compare it with her husband’s net worth which is $ 100 million. But in fact, it is still high if we do not forget that she is not born but only married into the royal family. So how did she get such a remarkable net worth?

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The origin of Camilla Parker Bowles’ net worth

Though less than that of Prince Charles, the family of Camilla Parker Bowles was nonetheless wealthy. Her mother Rosalind Cubitt cane from a wealthy background and had inherited $663,000. Camilla’s father Major Bruce Shand was a famous and successful wine merchant and a distinguished officer of the British army.

Her father used to look after the royal family when they visited East Sussex. Hence she grew close to and was brought up near the regal house. She grew up in $2 million worth of estate in Plumpton, Sussex. She studied at the Queen Gates School in Kensington. Later she also had her education in France and Switzerland.

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Her career and added net worth

Camilla attended the University of London Institute in Paris and worked as a secretary in businesses in London’s West End. Later, she took up a job in a decorating firm. Here, she met Andrew Parker Bowles who had contacts with the military as well as the Royals.

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She married Andrew in 1973 and through him got more close to the Royal house. The couple had two children: Thomas Henry and Laura Rose. But since 1970, she was also in love with Prince Charles after they met in a Polo match held in Windsor. They dated until 1971 when Charles joined the Royal Navy. Her former boarding school classmate, Lynn Redgrave had said that Camilla always wanted a rich husband and also wanted to have fun.

She divorced Andrew in 1995 and after Diana’s death in a car crash in 1995, she wed Prince Charles in 2005 in a ceremony at Windsor Guildhall. She is into charity and has an interest in health, education, supporting victims of rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence, women empowerment, food, animals, and arts and heritage.

Once Charles takes, to the throne, she will have more money and power. Fame or notoriety? we do not know!

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