The East Suffolk estate of Ed Sheeran under fire from local council over pub signage and sauna near the pond!

Ed Sheeran has been facing some problems in the approval of certain things on his estate in East Suffolk. He wanted to dedicate a pub on his mini-empire to his wife Cherry Seaborn but the local council body has decided to strike it down. Scroll down for more details on it!

Ed Sheeran and his new plans on his estate in East Suffolk

Source; Metro (Ed’s East Suffolk property)

Ed Sheeran wants to expand his small empire situated in East Suffolk. He shares it with wife Cherry and their cats. And now, Ed wanted to add a drinking hole next to his main house. He named it The Lancaster Lock and put up signage about the pub. He made the signage 15-foot and hung it outside the watering hole. This watering hole was joined to the main house via an underground tunnel.

Additionally, he built on his property a sauna which he created out of an old caravan that is now placed behind the wildlife pond.

The opinion of the local council body about these two projects

The local council authorities were not happy with the signage of the pub. They labeled the signage as unauthorized and illegal. Furthermore, they also did not approve the sauna on Ed’s property. A spokesperson for the Suffolk District Council told Metro UK:

“During a site visit in March, it was found that a sauna has been constructed near to the pond.”

“We have raised concerns regarding this structure, which requires either planning permission or removal. We have also requested that all unauthorized signage be removed from the Grade II-listed barn.”

Source; Metro (Ed’s East Suffolk property)

The gypsy-style caravan-turned-sauna which was constructed did not have the approval of the planning commission. They prepared a report on it which read:

“The recent structure in the surrounding area of the pond is under investigation as this would require planning permission. The council is taking appropriate action.”

More details about Ed Sheeran’s property

Ed Sheeran ‘s house has other features which include an indoor swimming pool, a four-room treehouse and also a pod. But Ed Sheeran has faced some issues, from his neighbors as regards the estate especially the pool and its use. Ed had applied in 2016 to the planning commission about this pool. He stated that the pool was to attract newts, birds, and frogs. His application said that the pool was to ‘support nature conservation … and provide a natural habitat for breeding and wetland invertebrates such as dragonflies and water beetles, as well as providing a source of drinking water to birds and mammals’.

Source: tribute (Ed Sheeran)

But soon after, Ed added a jetty and steps to the pool. The neighbors were unhappy since they felt that now humans would use the pool. Animals and birds might not be able to utilize it. They vented their anger by writing to the local council. One of Ed’s neighbors Tony Robinson wrote:

“I believe that the development of the site is more about creating an environment for a “wild lifestyle” rather than actual “wildlife”!’”

The concerned authorities inspected the pool and favored Ed. They denied that humans would use the pool for recreational use. They noted that the Ed has put steps in the pond only for maintenance and emergency.

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Source: Metro UK