EastEnders star Maisie Smith turned 18 and marked the big day with a home garden party and a nightclub visit!

The actress on the show EastEnders, Maisie Smith turned 18 this week. And she could not resist having her first legal drink at her birthday bash. She shared the pictures with her fans on Instagram.

Maisie Smith and her 18th birthday party

Maisie who has been on the show EastEnders since she was 6 years of age had some great milestone in her life to celebrate this week. She turned 18 which is the legal age of drinking. Maisie had a great birthday party with her friends. She uploaded the pictures and videos of this bash on her social media for her fans. It was a boozy event and Maisie enjoyed every moment of the big day of her life.

Source: Daily Mirror [Maisie]

The 18th birthday party of Maisie Smith

Maisie plays Tiffany Butcher in EastEnders and was born on 9 July 2001. On Tuesday 9 July 2019 she turned 18 and celebrated the great day by going to the local pub with her friends. On her Instagram, Maisie put up a picture of her having a hard drink and holding a pink balloon on which was written 18. She wrote:

“Had the best day of my life.”

One of her friends gifted her a set of vodka shots and Maisie was delighted. Maisie also uploaded pictures on her social media of her enjoying with friends at the garden of her home. There was a boozy party there as well and she was dancing with one of her pals. She was surrounded by colorful balloons, glasses of wine and also some bowls of snacks.

Source: Daily Mirror [Maisie dancing with her friend]
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She also uploaded a video of her and her friends at a nightclub in London. Maisie sipped cocktails here with her friends. They then hit the floor and danced and twerked to the music. The other clubbers enjoyed and were holding drinks in their hands with sparklers in them.

Maisie and her career

Maisie started work with EastEnders as a child artist in 2008 at age 6. She is also a talented singer and has a great pop career. She was into singing when she took a break from the show in 2016.

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Maisie has a great following on her social media. She uploads a lot about her life on it. There are selfies, party pictures, photos of her gym routines and a lot more. They provide her fans with an insight into her fun-and-frolic-filled life. Her fan following is showing a steep rise in just a few months’ time.

Maisie Smith and her personal life

Maisie is a resident of Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex. She stays here with her mother Julia, her father Stephen and her sister Scarlett.

Maisie is educated in Belfairs Academy in Leigh-on-Sea and later joined the Sandra Singer Stage School. Presently, this English actress is at South Essex College, and here she is studying musical theatre.

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Maisie has not been seen in public places with a boyfriend. She is not yet into any relationships and is probably single.

Maisie has a dream to work in Doctor Who and it is her favorite show. She is a big fan of David Tennant who had played the doctor on this show from 2005-2010.

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