Edd China, the co-host of TV’s “Wheeler Dealers” left the show. Why did the ingenious mechanic leave the show after 13 years? Click to know more!

Edd China has left the Discovery TV’s “Wheeler Dealers” last year. He worked in the show as a co-host alongside Mike Brewer for 13 years. The show which airs on Disney channel will now star Ant Anstead, host of the British program “For the Love of Cars”.

Edd China
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Brief bio

Edward John “Edd” China was born in born May 9, 1971, in London. He is an English television presenter, mechanic, motor specialist and inventor. He is best known as a presenter and mechanic on Discovery Channel’s television show Wheeler Dealers. He has also appeared in other relevant shows such as  Top Gear, Scrapheap Challenge, and Fifth Gear.

From early days had interest in mechanics of engines. He got his formal education from  King Edward’s School, Witley in Surrey. After graduation from school, he joined  London South Bank University where he got a degree in engineering product design.

While still at university, China created the Casual Lofa (driving sofa) to raise money for a Raleigh International expedition to Belize. It was his first major project known.

Edd China
Source: Wheels Alive (Edd China with co-host Mike Brewer)

The beginning of the program

“Wheeler Dealers” was launched more than 12 years ago in the UK. It had tiny production staff and an old 1983 Porsche 924. With £1,000, Brewer bought it and took it to China’s then small shop. After half an hour of fixing it (in TV time), the car had a nice front engine. The Porsche then was sold for £1,500. Similar trait continued in the episodes and stakes grew with each episodes. Brewer sought out increasingly costlier and more complex cars and often mock China’s charging.

In a few years, things began to change and become more popular. China’s garagae was moved to California by Discovery. Budgets poured in and Brewer was able to afford more expensive cars.

Edd China
Source: MotoringBox (Edd China)

Mark made

You will be surprised and amazed to know Edd make his mark by building motorized couches and desks! Cheak out the video!

In his YOutube channel

In Edd’s Youtube channel, he praises the show’s early days, his co-host Mike Brewer and the British production team. However, he is less complementary of how Velocity shall continue to work in the TV program.

“This new direction is not something I am comfortable with as I feel the corners I was being asked to cut compromised the quality of my work and would erode my integrity as well as that of the show”

Reason to leave

China had announced his departure from the show in March 2017. In his Youtube channel,  he has stated that reason to  leave is disagreement with the production company’s ambitions for the series’ future.

The producers wanted to reduce workshop sequences in the show. China had argued that the workshop sequences are the soul of the show and reducing those will kill Wheeler Dealer’s speciality.

‘The workshop jobs are certainly the hardest part of the show to make and reducing their substance and role in the show will save the production considerable time, effort and therefore money. However, thisnew direction is not something I am comfortable with as I feel the corners I was being asked to cut compromised the quality of my work and would erode my integrity as well as that of the show, so I have come to the conclusion that my only option is to let Velocity get on with it, without me.’

Edd China
Source: Daily Express (Edd China with Mike Brewer)


Many people liked to watch the show “Wheeler’s dealers”. The viewers liked to the view inside Edd’s workshop. Edd used to make peeking inside the complicated internal workings of motors educational as well as entertaining.

Edd China
Source: Stoneacre (Edd China)

Reaction from co-host

Mike Brewer told Britain’s Car Dealer Magazine that he’s “upset and gutted” to know China has made the decision to leave the show which has been a part of their lives for over a decade.

Brewer states:

“I respect his decision—Edd wants to move on to other things and I completely get that—but obviously he’s been a part of my life and has been forever so it’s a bit of a shock that he’s decided to leave the show”

Edd China
Source: Celebrity Heights (Edd China)

Will still go on

China also added in his youtube channel that his presence in social media won’t be completely gone. He says that he would like to try new things and he’ll keep his fans updated on his YouTube channel.

Fans are pretty much excited what he will be coming up in the future.

Edd China
Source: eCelebrityFacts (Edd China)