Elizabeth Liones- Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth Liones- Seven Deadly Sins
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Who is Elizabeth Liones?

The deuteragonist of the Seven Deadly Sins, Elizabeth Liones is renowned as the princess of the Kingdom of Liones. She happens to be the third adoptive daughter of the king, Barta.

Also, she happens to be the 107th reincarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth.

Know the Voice Actor of Elizabeth Lions

– The Japanese Actor, Sora Amamiya contributed her voice to the princess, Elizabeth Liones. Sora is popular for contributing voice to Anime series like Punch Line, Ninja Slayer From Animation, and Divine Gate. Currently, she is associated with the News Network, Music Ray’n. 

Erika Harlacher
Erika Harlacher (Source: Wikipedia)

– The American Voice Actress, Erika Harlacher is currently playing the character. She is popular for playing the characters like Kurapika in Hunter X Hunter, and Videl in Dragon Ball Super, and Victoria in The Idhun Chronicles. 

Elizabeth Liones: Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Elizabeth Liones was originally from the Kingdom of Danafor. Her birth date is 12th June. In her previous life, she was named Liz. During the destruction of the Kingdom, Danafor, Liz died. After Liz reincarnated as Elizabeth. In the destruction, Meliodas saved her and his Dragon Handle. Currently, she is 27 years old.

Soon after that, King Barta and his wife found them. At the very beginning, Meliodas was too protective of her. As time passed, the King and Queen adopted Elizabeth as their daughter and the third princess of the kingdom. During the time, Meliodas served the kingdom as the commander of the knight.

Elizabeth Liones and Meliodas

In the series, Meliodas is deeply in love with Elizabeth Liones. Their forbidden love led to the Holy War. Their love was forbidden as the Meliodas happens to the son of the demon king whereas Elizabeth was a goddess and the daughter of the Supreme Deity.

Elizabeth Liones and Meliodas
Elizabeth Liones and Meliodas (Source: alphacoders)

The romance led to chaos in the entire world that caused the Holy War. On the other hand, God cursed Meliodas with eternal life without Elizabeth. After more than 3000 years, Elizabeth and Meliodas are being reunited as Elizabeth is on the quest with the Meliodas.

Elizabeth Liones
Birth Date12th June
Birth PlaceKingdom of Danafor
Height/ How Tall?5 feet and 4 inches (1.62 m)
Eye ColorBlue, Orange (Goddess Form)
Hair ColorSilver
Voice ActorsSora Amamiya (Japanese) and Erika Harlacher (English)

Elizabeth Liones- Magic Tools, Abilities & Powers


Ark- Being a member of the Goddess Clan, she can use the archetypal magic technique, Ark that can create light. She uses different forms like energy beams, explosions, and barriers.

Tranquilize- This ability helps her to create a purification mist that can expel demonic miasma.

Elizabeth's Goddess Form
Elizabeth’s Goddess Form (Source: puzzlefactory)

Empathic Power- She has a mysterious ability that allows her to contact the souls. During the battle of the Holy War, she was able to persuade many minor demons to flee.

Healing- She has a healing ability as a druid. She can heal and treat serious injuries by channeling her magical powers.


At the start of the series, she was wearing the old rusted knight Armour to search the captain of the seven deadly sins, Meliodas. However, she does have the physical strength required to carry the Armour.

Body Measurements: Height & Weight

She has blue eyes with silver hair. However, in her goddess form, her eye color changes to Orange. She stands at a height of 5 feet and 2 inches and has a decent weight.

Elizabeth Liones’ Quotes

Farewell everyone…I shall not look back. This is my resolve. I do not regret a single thing up until now. That is why I will continue facing forward, together with Meliodas.

If possible, I would like everyone here to survive. If there is a way to settle this without anyone getting hurt, then that’s what I want. I understand how naive that hope is… But I just want you all to never forget that there’s someone in your lives hoping… praying that are safe and unharmed. 

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